Sunday, 31 July 2016

How Gov. Obiano Forces Traditional Rulers to Endorse him for a second tenure

By Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia

Fear of Correction2017 mass movement aimed at Correcting the electoral mistake of 2013 election that produced Gov Obiano has forced the Governor to move into "endorse me for second tenure syndrome or I remove you as Igwe" project .
What surprises me most is, why should a governor priding to be so popular railroad people into endorsing him for second tenure?
"I have never seen a thing like this ,did we sign any endorsement paper before we elected him or any other previous governors in Anambra State before now " one of the respected Igwes from The Anambra North Senatorial Zone queried .
To my governor (Chief Obiano ), you do not force people to endorse you for second tenure rather you earn it!
Again, be informed Sir that Anambra People are Republican in nature and can not be coerced to do something against their wish.
To Ndi Igwe Anambra North Senatorial Zone, please sign the endorsement . If he wants you to sign double endorsements for him, just sign .
If he gives you money ,collect it .
On election day, go ask your subjects to vote him out. Anambra State has a performance benchmark!
If your performance reaches our benchmark,we will give you another 4years, if it is below you go out with 4years .
It is no more secret that Gov Obiano's performance is below average and if he likes, let him force everybody to sign or endorse him for his second tenure, the people will vote him out .
Imagine somebody telling you that an endorsement could have returned Mbadinuju in 2003?
No amount of endorsements will return Obiano.
If you are thinking about Obiano returning for second tenure, please wake up from that slumber!
Anambra Voters are the most intelligent voters and they will do the needful !
No amount of Government Propaganda will guarantee Governor Obiano a second tenure .If he likes ,let him continue to lie .We are now familiar with their lies. Like his $5million pumpkin leave (Ugwu) and bitter leave (onugbu) scam, most of us now live with what we now call Official lies from Agu Awka based government .
Ndi Igwe, pls endorse him if that is what he wants even as voters are encouraged to vote him out .Very simple .
Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia©2016



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