Sunday, 31 July 2016

Couples Urged To Shun Acts That Estrange Union

By Anyanwu D.C.

Couples have been enjoined not to give in to earthly things that would estrange their union and hinder decent upbringing of children in the fear of God.

Fr. Protase Anyanwu of St. Mary's Catholic Church Elekenowasi Obohia gave the injunction in a marriage course for intending married couples in the parish.

He underscored that it is imperative that couples should work hard and fend for their families and dependants but outlined that the pursuit for wealth should not outweigh parental care which advertently affect the children adversely.

The clergy, whom the Parish Catecist, Mr. Polycarp Ogoko stood in for urged couples to draw distinct demarcation between career/official business engagements and household responsibilities to give their children the desired attention, time and care.

Fr. Protase decried the spate in child neglect and abandonment due to abdication of core parental roles to housemaids and siblings, pointing out that parents should monitor activities of their children and guard them from bad peer groups, negative socio-media influence and radicalization which he noted have given rise to drug addiction, armed robbery, kidnapping, killings, sexual immorality and abuse, homosexualism, rape of minor, youth restiveness, gansterism, militancy and terrorism.

He underlined chastity in marriage as a condition for heaven as well as harped on intimacy of couples, emphasizing that just as the Church and Christ are inseparable, the husband and the wife are expected to be undivided and intimate, emotionally, spiritually and socio-economically.

The clergy maintained that a husband and wife must cherish and admire each other, see themselves as incomparably beautiful, attractive and charming to be chaste and build up a decent home even as emotional intimacy can ward off aggression and impending dangers.
Fr. Protase said unchastity can lead to murder like in the case of King David who coveted the wife of Uriah, one of his brave soldiers and ordered that he be posted to the war front where hostility is at the pick.
He further highlighted that sexual immorality can destroy a nation as in Sodom and Gomorrah and urged couples to say no to sin of the flesh which defiles the body, the holy temple of God.



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