Friday, 22 July 2016

Clueless government of Nigeria and their clueless aides

ByDarren Idongesit Aquaisua

Clueless government; Buhari seems to have assembled people that don't match the caliber of the previous administration.
Look at Femi Adesina; is he not worse than Reuben Abati and Okupe?
Look at Emiefele Vs Sanusi?
Look at Adesina Vs Audu Ogbe.
Okonjo-Iweala Vs Kemi.
Then look at his appointments to key areas; its tribalism and sincere Nigerians don't have to be silent about it.
NPA appointment was very wrong and unprofessional.
Customs appointment was very wrong and unprofessional.
The secret recruitment of the rich and their relatives was wrong and unprofessional.
Which high profile conviction have we had besides the kangaroo convictions on the front pages of newspapers alone. I am tired of newspaper convictions.
He partners Tinubu and Amaechi on an anti-corruption agenda; is 'Africa Magic' the goal of such a marvelous team?
Even Jonathan made a feeble attempt to tackle godfatherism even at the expense of his political interests.
You are fighting corruption but you turn a blind eye to the corrupt in your cabinet, you even praise and defend them.
Buhari's anti-corruption coat of many colors is fading fast and Nigerians are seeing it for what it is; rags and tatters.
Now let's have the final comparison;
Buhari Vs Jonathan.
Buhari has not laid down any economic plan.
Buhari has assembled a cabinet of corrupt politicians and professional budget padders.
Buhari's army chief has houses in Dubai from his meager savings in the military!
Could it be that Buhari employed someone who also stole from money meant to fight insurgency?
Under Buhari, the women's rights bill was binned and he made no political moves to guarantee the passage of that bill. Buhari has employed or empowered fewer women and youths than Jonathan. I can still remember that Jonathan was always drumming the 35% quota for women and he had respect and support for women even though his gentlemanly nature made Patience meddle into official matters concerning state.
Buhari has wasted money traveling more than and he is just beginning his tenure.
Buhari has been unusually silent in the conflicts created by nomadic herdsmen.
Jonathan employed corrupt people; Buhari employs the corrupt people that were deemed too corrupt to work with Jonathan's corrupt government.
Least we forget; Jonathan was sensitive about oil subsidy removal but Buhari has done that mercilessly and this frees up money for his government officials to pilfer.
Now Emefiele is talking about tax? Are Nigerians not paying enough already through their forgoing of subsidies? Soon they will demand we sacrifice our head so the nepotism and newspaper corruption court can continue.
A government needs to have a clear plan; fighting corruption is not a plan for any government serious on economic and social development. Corruption disappears when you set up sound systems not those built around the integrity of an octogenarian; an integrity that is in question now.



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