Sunday, 17 July 2016

7 Things a woman/lady must not insert into her womanhood

Vagina is such an important aspect of women and often the root through which new baby or babies come to the earth.
However, most ladies, girls or women feel there are some creative and experimental ways of enjoying it. As a result, many could go to extent of inserting any object into it in the name of pleasure they enjoy at course of stimulated or satisfaction amidst loneliness.
I hereby bring you what I termed seven things that have no business with your ass.

Rubber Toys
After just a little wear and tear, vibrators made from soft, flexible plastic, or jelly-like rubber can develop tiny nicks and grooves where microbes can hide. Insert the toy into your V@.g!na, and you may contract an infection. Go with silicone, stainless steel, or hard plastic pleasure products instead, which won’t break down and degrade. And though it’s probably the last thing you want to do after a s3@.x:’ session, make sure you wash your toy with soap and water after you use it.

Fruits and Veggies
Even organic produce that’s been scrubbed clean still carries bacteria. These wouldn’t be a threat to your digestive tract, but introduce the microbes to your private parts, and you’ll upset the normal balance of bacteria in the V@.g!na, potentially triggering a bacterial or yeast infection.
Pubic Hair Dye
You might be feeling creative by experimenting with colours down there but you should know that the skin around your pubes is way more sensitive than your scalp. If the chemicals in the dye make contact with your labia (not to mention get past your V@.g!nal opening), you could be in for some S3@.x:’-postponing burning and pain. Stick to trying out different hair colors above the neck only.
Douches and Intimate Sprays
Not only are douches, intimate sprays, and V@.g!nal wipes totally unnecessary (the V@.g!nal canal is self-cleansing; that’s what discharge is for), using them can boost your odds of infection. They contain ingredients and chemicals that can dry out the V@.g!na, making you feel irritated and increasing the risk that you develop tiny tears in your V@.g!na that bacteria and viruses can enter through. Keep your ladybits clean with just gentle soap and water.
Cream and Chocolate Toppings
Turning your naked body into an ice cream sundae sounds S3@.x:’y, except for the fact that whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and other sweet toppings are loaded with sugar, and introducing sugar into your V@.g!nal area can mess with your pH levels and lead to a yeast infection.
Hair Removal Cream
Often the chemicals in cream or lotion depilatories are harsh, resulting in tiny abrasions that leave your V@.g!nal area open to infection. Another danger is an allergic reaction, leaving you with red bumps and serious itching. Even though shavingtends to leave you with a slight rash or sensitivity for a day or so, it’s safer than a chemical depilatory . . . as long as you don’t use it past your outer labia.
Anything with a Scent
The perfumes used to give a specific scent to some types of toilet paper, novelty condoms, tampons, even soaps and body washes contain additives that leave some women with itching, inflammation, and rashes on or around the V@.g!na. Not all women have problems with these, but it’s probably better to stay away from them than find out the hard way that they cause a bad reaction on your skin.




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