Sunday, 17 July 2016

13 Words Nigerian women always tell their children

Here are thirteen words you must have heard your Nigerian mum say to you when she was angry.
1. Sorry for yourself
2. Because you’ve grown tall now, you cannot hear word abi?
3. I did not kill my mother so you will not kill me.
4. Shey you’ll have your own child soon?
5. It’s not me you’re doing, you’re doing yourself.
6. Later they’ll say I’m talking too much.
7. If I slap you, you will hear nwii.
8. This your generation has spoilt.
9. I’m not a foolish woman. How can you be foolish like this?
10. Try me and see.
11. You’ve grown wings abi?
12. E saanu mi.
13. Ebere gi emegbuol

Copied from a facebook friend, Okolo Princewill



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