Thursday, 19 May 2016

Anambra Central re run, How Obiano, Umeh Pushed Ekwunife Out of Senate by Mazi Odera

Like it or not,The gods must not be crazy.
When my Governor Chief WILLIE M OBIANO decided to use the state resources and position covered by immunity to drag IYOM UCHE EKWUNIFE ,THE LADY WITH A MIDAS TOUCH out of the Senate and deny Anambra state the most lucrative position in the Senate ,the chairman of Downstream petroleum headed by our own daughter ,the legendary Senator Ekwunife , a move borne out of many factors including ...To teach Ekwunife a lesson about her standing up to Osidieme in POLAND when the two ladies had it off in LADIES FASHION before the Wife of the President, but since one of this two is tested and trusted and one is forcing guy ,one roasted the other like ji nmanu and the Husband under pressure swear revenge.
The husband pulled the state resources against the woman ,bought our juvenile house of assembly to pass a law that provides that UCHE EKWUNIFE cannot place a bill board in the state in a campaign period , cannot campaign in a market place ,cannot visit any Igwe or the igwe will lose certificate of Office ,will not stay at the front seat in a church and last will not brand her vehicles.
Do not forget that UCHE EKWUNIFE was flying APGA FLAG at the house of Reps,when suddenly owing to the ladies altercation in POLAND ,the King of manipulation Chief Umeh cashed inn and deny her a return ticket and told her point blank that She should go and rest that he had giving the ticket to Dozie Nwankwo.
Meanwhile same Umeh was still the chairman of the party ,then snatched the senatorial ticket to contend at Anambra Central ,that was when the Lady with a Midas touch calmly told him that ,since he is now the ALFA AND OMEGA that chooses who lives or die politically that she will run against him for that Anambra Central senatorial race .
She ran on the platform of PDP without any backing but with her STRUCTURE which is the best grassroot structure in the whole of South East ,she beat the state with the Governor and all the mischief plotted ,she beat them black and brown and was sworn inn as Senator of the federal government . Making her the most hated at Agu Oka only second to Peter Obi who the Governor hated with perfect hatred.
The conspirators did not sleep ,but spending some couple of billions from the state resources helped to upstage her ,after all what is money left behind by Okwute stands for if not to spend and buy problems and anarchy ?
Well Anambra lost that position and the gods were pissed ,as we speak there is no sign that there will be election to replace that Lady ,we have over 7 cases militating against the election and making it impossible to have a defined date for the election,meaning Anambra central may not have a Senator throughout the 4 years tenure and from my Crystal ball gazing ,seems the Lady with Midas touch will smile last ,but the question should be ,gini ka Umeh Ga eme when it is obvious that the Gods has decided to pitch tent with the oppressed Uche Ekwunife ?.
Is this a calculated plot by the Governor against Anambra central or just a coincidence ?Bottom of Form



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