Thursday, 14 April 2016


By Okechukwu Onuegbu

Although we are yet to be informed
Of the return of Chibok girls
#BringBackOurGirls crew
Have gone to the roost.

scan0016.jpgCan someone tell us
Why the barking dogs went to bed
Many months after the futile war?

I won’t forget how their tweets went viral
And the airwaves bled of truths and falsehood:
How the firmament vibrated
How the print and the electronic media quaked 
How the sun and the moon stood still
How the trees caged our ventilations
Because palm kernel ripe at its frond
Per boiled sliced yam tubers sprouted stems
Eyes saw it ears without a mirror

Everywhere; streets of Abuja
And others worldwide will
Forever remember how they wailed
How some sensational banner headlines
Alleged that a lion from Owerri zoo ran to Sambisa
Forest on peace keeping mission.

The world will forever remember;
The emergency of civilian and military JTF
The visitation of Malala and other world sympathizers.

How the FGN[1] murdered Shekau[2] again and again
My world will always remember;
The removal of State Chief Security Officer
Partial State of Emergency elongation
Imposition of curfew 
And about 50 soldiers sacrificed for mutiny…

It is two years now (and we are still counting)
Can someone bring back our
#Bringbackourgirls crew
Time has not ripe for them
To accept political appointment
They must return to the pulpit for their god’s calling.

Female suicide bombers waxed stronger
My people want to know if they are
The abducted school girls.
We want to know the whereabouts of our future wives
Similarly, our government should intensify its effort
Towards curbing the risen insecurity in the country
And the governed MUST return the birthright
They sold on the platter of gold.
We must bring back our brains to its skeleton
The skulls of one Nigeria.

(culled from Okechukwu Onuegbu's collection of poems-MIRROR OF THE MINDS. Onuegbu is the CEO of, and has published so many books including this particular one).

[1] FG—The federal government of Nigeria
[2] Shekau—The so-called leader of Boko Haram



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