Friday, 22 April 2016

Ilonzo Advocates for Conservation, Preservation of Forests

By Okechukwu Onuegbu
Unizik students on arrival at CPHA

Chief Dr Ilonzo lecturing the UNIZIK students and other visitors on Thursday, 21 April, 2016
 The Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Centre for Psychic and Healing Administration (CHPA), Nigeria, Chief Dr. Mrs. Flora Ilonzo has advocated for forests conservation and preservation to resolving what she termed ‘the friction between man and nature’.

Unizik Students while listening to Ilonzo's lecture on herbal medicine
Ilonzo, who disclosed this while receiving the over 200 students of Faculty of Education, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, who visited her centre at the end of their 3rd International Conference entitled ‘Emerging Issues in the Higher Education’, explained that forests need to be preserved as they are home for animals, plants, insects, and birds, an interdependent world of medicinal values.
According to her, the UNDP study in 1994 uncovered that over 100 species of valuable plants become extinct on daily basis as a result of deforestration despite their medicinal and potentially medicinal values.
Ilonzo while lecturing the students
Her words: “The estimated over 300,000 plant species so far identified all over the world are available in the tropical countries like Africa but their leaders and the led have failed to develop these sciences and use them to fight the scourge of endemic diseases. 
These forests have given births to medicine such as aspiring, quinine, birth control pills, etc., and may also lies the cure to AIDS and other known and unknown diseases which terrorizes us now.
“If we allow these forests to go, there is simply no way of reconstructing them. We must put our hands together to fight this craze to destroy forests. For us to win this battle, we must educate each other, old and young, on the benefits we stand to gain from them. We must realise that they are equivalent to lungs that cleanse the air we breathe in huge quantities.  

“God opened our knowledge to herbs and their uses, and these plants are used by their signature and the signature of the part of the body suffering from a particular ailment to detect the medicinal cure of the ailment. This is because phytomedicine works, and remains the more dependable source of cure to humans. Sourcing our needs locally from our natural endowment should be our approach to achieving national development in the area of medicine and health development world”, she concluded, even as she taught the visitors all they need to know of phytomedicine, African plants, uses and healing potent.
Prof Lilian-Rita Akudolu

In an interview, the Local Organising Chairman of the Conference, who doubles as leader of the excursionists, Prof. Lillian-Rita Akudolu explained that at the end, she would teach her students and researchers to conduct more research into herbal medicine with a view to addressing the emerging issues in the Higher Education in Nigeria, which according to her include unemployment and underemployment after graduation, and to equipping students for better tomorrow.
Mr Igwe from UK

Highpoint of the visit was unexpected visitation of Mr and Mrs Igwe, who said they travelled all the way from UK to Nigeria purposely to see Ilonzo after hearing and reading much of her on media.



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