Thursday, 14 April 2016

Bombs: Anambra State Based Professors Dares Governor Obiano, Disconnect Light he sent to his countryhome, Aguleri

Professors who live in Agu Awka warn Obiano, disconnects the power source which the governor diverted to Aguleri.

According to unverified Information reaching, the residents of Agu Awka led by some resident professors have sent a strong warning to Obiano in a petition they wrote to the PHCN over the diversion of Agu Awka electricity to Aguleri, which threw the area into darkness.

According to a source, who briefed this FORUM, the professors after their petition, also took their protest to Govt House Awka where they told the governor that the "step down" from where he diverted the light meant to serve Agu Awka was built by the residents through donations and levies and not necessarily a PHCN owned facility.
They thereafter, asked the governor to remove the Aguleri illegal electricity line from their step down.
However, we were reliably informed that Obiano obliged them and ordered that the Aguleri line be removed from that power source. It was the removal that threw the entire Aguleri into darkness within the last two weeks.
The governor we learnt is now sourcing for another power line in order to give his people light



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