Friday, 22 April 2016

Anambra State Adult and Non Formal Education is the Best in Nigeria

By Okechukwu Onuegbu

By way of comparison, the objectives of Non-Formal Education and Universal Basic Education under UBE Law among other things, is to producing individuals who, upon completion of their courses of study, have acquired basic education, functional and vocational skills for self-reliance and employer of labour.
The Non-formal education, which became part of the international discourse on education policy in the late 1960s and early 1970s, was established in Nigeria under the National Commission for Mass Literacy, Adult and Non- Formal Education in 1990. It could be referred to as the concepts of recurrent and lifelong learning; or any organised educational activity outside the established formal system – whether operating separately or as an important feature of some broader activity intended to serve identifiable learning clienteles and learning objectives.

To this end, CEO/Blogger, Okechukwu Onuegbu encountered the Acting Executive Secretary/Director, Anambra State Agency for Mass Literacy, Adult and Non forma Education (AANFE), Mr. Donatus Okwudili Nwosu in an exclusive interview with a view to finding how the programme is fairing in Anambra State.
The excerpts:

Sir, what is growth rate of your centres in Anambra State?

We have 286 centres across the 21 Local Government Areas of the state, and we are working much harder to establish more, especially in the riverine areas. We are trying to expand our frontiers into the riverine areas—all the difficult geographical areas of the state. We run both primary and secondary. But while the primary sector is classified as the normal adult education sector, our secondary school level is referred to as continues education. And most of them are been championed by the private sector.

Sir, what kind of persons are trained in the Adult and Non Formal Education?

If you visit any of our centres you will be marvelled. We train different set of people, both the young and the old. At St. Faith Awka centre, for instance, as soon as 4 to 8 O’clock every evening, you will see the whole place booming with light and people. Among them are traders, industrialists, entrepreneurs, housekeepers, and others whose busy schedules and other constraints prevented from attending informal or conventional schools. In fact, it is run like continues education programmes being run by Universities and Polytechnics for the busy young and elderly workers.
This is a very fertile ground to educating everybody but we have more of elderly one here.

Does your pupils/students put-on school uniforms?

No! They don’t put on any kind of uniform. Nobody will even know they are schooling.

Various schools in the country are currently resuming for a third term or new academic session. What of your centres?

We have resumed as well. That is why I am beckoning on those yet to resume to start visiting their centres for learning because their facilitators/tutors have resumed, and ever ready to impart on them positively.

Our learners used their three weeks holiday to refreshing themselves. And almost all of them have gone back to their centres and the facilitators are equally working hard because our classic examinations both literacy examinations, which is equivalent to Primary Six examination is around the corner. So, the centre is bubbling with life now. Everyone is working extra hard to ensure excellence.

We are currently having series of meeting with our Unit Heads and others to fashion ways of making our centres the best in the Southeast. Already, our centre has been recognized nationally as the best so far in the Southeast in the area of focus administration and effective management.

You know that our Honourable commissioner, Professor Kate Azuka Omnugha is known for excellence. And we are proud of her in the same way, our Executive Governor Obiano, Chief Willie Obiano works harder to change all the state economy. He is the man of the moment, always on the move for excellence.

As I am talking to you now, we have paid workers salaries and stipends. Our governor releases them to us time to time, that is why we are not owing any of the facilitators. Anambra state is a pace setter in the area of payment of facilitators. The only problem is that the amount they are being paid is lower than what other states are receiving. But we don’t owe like some states do. We know that as soon as the economy of the state improves, the governor will start paying them the current benchmark which is N7500 or more. Presently, we are paying N4500. Even some state are paying N10,000. We are praying hard that as soon as the state IGR improves something much better will happen in our agency.

To contributing on the move to increase the State Internally Generated Revenue, we have established the IGR Innovative Committee Chaired by a veteran Journalist and aggressive worker of our agency, Mrs. Gloria Onyeanusi. She has other four workers working with her, and they have submitted to the agency very fertile area we can achieve success and contribute to our state IGR. The state government is looking into it.

Do you have or conduct separate examinations like First School Leaving Certificate, Common Entrance Examinations, and SSCE—WAEC/NECO?

We have separate Primary School Leaving Certificate called Post Primary School Leaving Certificate Examination. But when the learners graduated, and wish to transcend to Secondary School they will write their Common Entrance along with others. Also, those willing to write WAEC, NECO, NABTEB and any other SSCE examination after undergoing our Continues Education which is equivalent to Secondary School, they will join other candidates in sitting for them. Same thing is applicable to JAMB because we don’t conduct such separate examinations. No one gives them special treatment because we give them adequate teaching at all fields to be able to meet-up with others. 

Also, with assistance of private sectors they are being taught basic computer education. Our centres are doing well. And very soon, through the help of the state government we will get them more equipped in vocational education to make them vibrant for self reliant and employment of others.

What then are the grades or qualifications of your facilitators?

Our facilitators are well qualified teachers. We maintain the standard. Remember that in Nigeria, the minimum qualification in education sector is NCE. And that is why they have giving us the best. In some states, the facilitators are SSCE holders. We champion the best in the state because we inculcate excellence.

Can you make any special call to people out there, who do not know how to return to school without been mocked or ridiculed by younger ones or age mates?
No time is late for going to school. I am making a very honest call to the people of Anambra State and the residents. Wherever you are and whatever you do—trading, industries, casual workers, etc., whether engaged or not. Return to school, it is headway to future successes. If you’re not educated, you will have limited progress. Once educated, your success is unlimited. You will continue progressing from one place to another. I am appealing on you-the adult to move into the school. It is convenient for you. Our time is even from 4 o’clock to 8PM.



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