Friday, 25 March 2016

Women Urged To Get Immunized Against Tetanus

By Anyanwu Damian

A call has gone to females aged, 15 – 49 years to avail the opportunity of the ongoing Maternal Neo-natal Tetanus Elimination (MNTE) programme to get immunized against tetanus.

Ahiazu Mbaise LGA TC Chairman, Chief Cletus Onwuegbule made the call while monitoring the progress of the exercise in the area.

He enjoined parents, especially mothers of child bearing age to take the exercise serious and appealed to traditional rulers, religious and community leaders to sensitize the public on the benefits derivable.

Speaking, the LGA Head of Department (HOD) Health, Mrs. Callista Chimezie described tetanus also referred to as lockjaw as a life-threatening bacterial disease that affects the nervous system, causing painful muscle contractions, particularly of your jaw and neck muscles.

She stated that tetanus leads to complications in pregnancy but reiterated that it is preventable with Tetanus toxoid (TT) Vaccine.

Imo State Technical Facilitators, Mrs. Joy Nwahihia and Mrs. Uche Onyeneke commended the women in the area for their turn out, pointing out that immunization is the best way to reduce the risk

The Local Immunization Officer, Sanitarian Donatus Ohaka pointed out that the vaccine is free, safe and effective and urged the women to take full advantage of the programme to improve on their health.

Earlier, the LGA Social Mobilization Officer, Mr. George Umunakwe had charged the Social Mobilization Committee (SMC) to work hand in glove with the health workers and community leaders to ensure that no female of the targeted age was left unimmunized.



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