Sunday, 27 March 2016

Sickle Cell Disorder Patients Appeal To Governor Obiano for Audience and Kind Attention.

By Okechukwu Christopher
Sicklers in Anambra State under the aegis of Association of People Living with Sickle Cell Disorder have appealed to the State Governor, Chief Willie Obiano to kindly deal directly with them or through the Church Bishops and as well as to shun sycophants trying all they could to tarnish his image indirectly with their manipulative antics of shutting them down from receiving his kind donations to their proposal request on sensitization to the 21 LGA in Anambra State.
Speaking through its coordinator, Aisha Edward, APLSCD explained that they are yet to enjoy the dividends of Obiano’s administration, especially the controversial 1 million naira he doled out to the association which had not reach their coffer, or their desired mobility(Bus) for their sensitization tours since the raining season is not friendly with their health conditions especially their Leg Ulceration Challenges.
According to Edward, it is only the wife of the Governor, Chief Mrs. Ebelechukwu Obiano had consistently celebrates them and recently fulfilled her empowerment pledged to one of their members from Nanka Orumba North LGA who is currently at home since she cannot afford her Hospital bills and can no longer walk with her legs.
Osodieme nevertheless fulfilled her promises to APLSCD, but to their shock at yesterday's meeting there was no news on that donation from the Government.
She wonders why people go to the Extent of politicizing their challenges and their activities especially their Media awareness on print and particularly online  Social media where there are majority of  potential ignorant Couple Whose Love Will always remain blind Only to give birth to Sicklers Like them, Rather than some politicians and their  foot soldiers to join them in the sensitization campaign or give consideration on the quick implementation of the 2002 Sickle Cell Law, or even support them, these people will ensure that they traumatize them with their rejection and uncomplimentary attitude except they sing their praises which is very unfortunate and so sickening to them.
Also, Aisha said she is marveled at the increasing rate of her Members from Anambra state alone yet there is literally nothing from the Government to ensure their survival as a child, youth or an adult neither medically nor welfare wise.
She therefore appealed for an audience with Gov. Willie Obiano and her group, urging him to extend his kindheartedness to them as their members die in hunger, rejection and dejection with a view to bring a lasting solution to their Psychological and medical Ordeals.
However, Edward thanked the Bishop of Awka Diocese, Most Rev. Dr. Paulinus Ezeokafor, whom she said had consistently remember them in prayer and gift items of worth, and called on the general public and other religious institutions to emulate him.
“If not for the Catholic Bishop of Awka Diocese our lives would have been in more danger. However, the church had remained our backbone. I can’t even go back to my state or religion any time soon due to his kindness, love and care to my people. Our crises had also reduced. He had made our name to become so important to the society. This is the kind of evangelism we expect from people not really money as we are not beggars. The Bishop celebrated both Christmas and Easter with us including other goodies and prayers…I urge others people particularly our South Eastern honourable members to borrow leaf from this kind gesture”, she concluded.
She, however, thanked the Anglican Bishop of Aguata Diocese His Grace Archbishop Christian Efobi for giving a good fatherly attention to his flocks who are their members, Former Governor of Anambra State, Mr Peter Obi who recently gave a shocking Donations to relief their burden, Wife of Anambra State governor, Chief Mrs. Ebelechukwu Obiano the only mother who ironically is carrying the cross of those mothers that gave birth to them yet they fail to stand by them even when they are unjustly treated by the society and its powerful group are among others who always hearken to their cries.



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