Thursday, 25 February 2016

I will move a motion for Nigerian Government to start paying N30, 000 allowances to every Nigerians—MPPP Candidate

Bar Chris Nkem Ekweozoh is a legal luminary and candidate of Mega Progressive People’s Party (MPPP) on the forthcoming Anambra Central Senatorial rerun. He was the party’s gubernatorial flag bearer during the 2013 Anambra guber poll. In this interview with our CEO, Okechukwu Onuegbu, the young politician, who hails from Nawfia in Njikoka Local Government Area, while dishing out what he had in stock to offer at Senate, boasted that the March race would be a replica of biblical story of young David and almighty military experienced Goliath.

How courageous and prepared is Ekweozoh to win this Senatorial Rerun through this ‘unpopular’ political party?

My brother I am on the race to win. When we get to the bridge we shall cross it. If you can remember that some years back, political parties like APGA was not popular until Ojukwu and Peter Obi convinced Anambrarians to vote for the party as it is Igbo party…

MPPP is a national party. If people of Anambra Central vote me to represent them, it will become more popular and stronger. So I strongly believe that we can defeat the so-called famous candidates or political parties. In the bible for instance, young David rose from nowhere to defeat stronger Goliath, and ruled Israel as a king. That is exactly what is going to happen in this election. From all indication; I have discovered that I am the only credible candidate on the poll, who had canvassed for votes throughout the 7 local government areas in the district. And I will be the best senator Anambra state ever produced, if elected.

There is a rumour that you’re under aged but a certain erstwhile governor of Anambra State is sponsoring you for his selfish desire. How true is this?

No! I have no sponsor. I am on the race alone. May be the certain former governor you are talking about is Mr Peter Obi. But let me tell you although he is my friend, he is not sponsoring me. In fact for a month or two now, I have been trying to reach him on phone unsuccessfully. I even sent him text messages which he didn’t reply; dialed his number time without number, he neither picked nor return my calls.

On the allegation of me being under age, the answer is no. I am not under age although I have golden face. I am 39 years old. According to electoral law and constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria, 35 year is a minimum age for one to contest for national assembly seat.
I am on the race to win to give qualitative representation to my people. So, I am urging my people to come out en-masse; massively vote for me and also guide their votes. I will represent them effectively.

What do you intend to achieve at National Assembly if elected as a senator?

When I get to the Senate, the first thing I will do is to move a motion urging the federal government to commence payment of 30,000 allowances to every Nigerian on monthly basis. This policy will help the country to combat crimes and other vices, encourage young entrepreneurs and investors to create jobs for the teeming populace, enable the students and others to continue their education, among other thing. This is practice in Canada and other advanced countries in the world.
Notwithstanding, I will also move motions and sponsor bills for the common good of the federation, and my constituents, as well as attract many government and private sectors, individuals and companies to develop my constituent and Anambra State as a whole.

How do you think this your dream of N30, 000 allowances would be realised despite the country’s dwindling economy, inflations and other challenges?

It will work. We can do it because we have the resources. We have the money. Are you not hearing of Dasuki saga and other loots the federal government is trying to recover? Do you think the country would fall if the money involved where duly appropriated for paying allowances to the citizens? What is thirty thousand naira? It is not even enough but we can manage it.

As a legal luminary, how do you see INEC decision to disqualify some political parties from participating on the Anambra Central Senatorial poll?

INEC has right to disqualify those political parties since they did not meet up with the provisions in the electoral act. There is even a rumour that some of the political parties wanted to submit list of fresh candidate who did not run with us during the main election. That is why I am the only one running in the election with Chief Victor Umeh of APGA, and Anayo Nweke of ADC.

You know that people like Ngige cannot run again because the electoral act says for anybody holding public office to contest, he or she must first resign from his appointment three months to the election. But is over three months now; the poll will hold on March. If he do contest, and eventually wins, the second run up will likely reclaim his mandate at court.



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