Monday, 8 February 2016

Buhari Shut-up, We are Not Criminals---Citizen Replies Nigeria President

Mike Okegbo wrote:

The sense I get is that no one briefs Mr. Buhari before his numerous outings. It is also clear that he needs serious education about Nigeria in the 21st century. He is stuck in the past and proud of it. This man is hurting our nation. The words that come out of Buhari’s mouth are beyond embarrassing, he has become a national security risk. Someone stop him.

The latest gaffe from him suggesting that Nigerians abroad are criminals and ne’er do wells is deeply troubling. Nothing could be further than the truth. We can talk about the racism that says that only “perfect” immigrants of color are allowed on the hallowed shores of the West. We can also point out that even with all the noise about Nigerian criminality in the West, the percentage of Nigerian fraudsters compared to the population of Nigerians abroad is approximately zero percent. You must not judge the rest with the worst.
Buhari is out of line here and deeply ignorant of the situation. Let me put it this way, if all the Nigerians in the medical fields of the U.K. and North America were to down their tools and head back to Nigeria, the trauma on the communities over there would be incalculable. The vast majority of Nigerians abroad are law-abiding citizens, lauded for their work ethic and their talents. Buhari should be begging them to return home to contribute their quota



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