Sunday, 10 January 2016

Moral Crusader Condemns Attack on Ekwunife, Umeh on Facebook

As 2016 Anambra Central Senatorial Election re-run draws nearer, a moral crusader and Director, Center for Moral Mentorship, Aisha Maureen Edward has cautioned users of social media to refrain from uncomplimentary remarks in the name of freedom of speech and political party affiliation.

Edward, who spoke with on Saturday, was irked by the reports making wave on facebook and other online platforms that two major contenders on the forthcoming election were prostitute and criminal.
She therefore warned those peddling such rumours to desist from spreading hate messages and campaign capable of defaming people character and causing psychological damage to our children and unleashing depressive illness to the victims related to them.
According to Edward, it is totally ungrateful and inhumane for male-folks to classify every successful woman as a prostitute, because it is extremely rare for  single ladies on earth today to flaunt their virginity status, including the mothers and female siblings of the idle senseless rumour mongers.
In her outrage “Every right thinking members of our society must join me to condemn it in its entirety because Women tends to excel faster in any given chosen career in both genders world especially Male dominated professions like Military, policing, politics, activism, Doctors, Lawyers etc.. Gender equality have proven that women though very sensitive are very versatile in the discharge of their duties faithfully more than their counterparts in the field, When you train a woman you train a nation. Does it mean that a woman cannot be successful without selling herself? It is totally very disgusting and unacceptable for people to go on social media to crucify every successful woman, calling her a prostitute with a view of bringing her down to a ridicule! How often do we organize a summit or workshops to sensitize our dear women, especially our young women on the dangers of immoral conduct in the society? Have we ever organize a forum to appreciate the EXCEPTIONAL AND SUPER WOMEN in our various state except for political campaigns and their electoral seasons, where they are usually shared salt and wrappers? She queried
We all share in the blames of the poor moral education of our girl child today, therefore we should take the responsibility of the after effect of the hard moral consequences and not misdirecting our frustrations on our distinguished women, as if they were the original cause of the moral hazard that has befallen us.
“You don’t have to defame people character and images to win an election…If you think she or he is a prostitute or pimp because she or he is successful, that means your mother, sister, female friends, wife, are also a prostitute. How many of our girls marry today as virgins? Haven’t you, your sister, mother or daughter ever compromised sexually by another man? If you insist that a woman's political legendary or heavyweight is an act of prostitution then quickly send your wife or daughters to do same to get you the mandate as well. After all, your  wife could be also pretty and may have been physically endowed to buy more votes or power thereby saving your money and your daming psychological stress!  
“Being apolitical and I have no business throwing my support to any of the contestants, I only wish the Best man or woman success to win. But as a moral crusader, it is also my duty to condemn the politics of calumny and share hatred for calling a particular candidate a criminal or rubber, bearing in mind that these are the few courageous, strong and bold leaders of the south Eastern region, if you had caught a man stealing and you did not make any effort to speak out or report the matter then you were his accomplice and his co syndicate in crime, why wait until campaign period to raise these dust? Should we believe you? or can we call it a pull him down syndromes? That is equally bad, and amount to character assassination. Sometimes, I wonder if the people spreading these hate messages still go to churches or mosque or is the absence of our moral instructions in schools telling hard on us? To my fellow moral stakeholders, IS IT THAT THE BARBER IS NOT GOOD OR THE RAZOR BLADE IS NOT SHARP?
Edward further called on the clergies, both spiritual and temporal leaders and political leaders, among other stakeholders to stand up and condemn the campaign of calumny ongoing on social media towards the forthcoming election.
This is even as she distanced Governor Willie Obiano from the hate crusaders, urging the various party loyalist to emulate him in peace making and civilize utterances  that has helped in keeping the state united in their diversities, Alerting that the products of mischief-makers or sycophants seeking for attention and money from their pay masters at all cost, is to the detriment of our societal moral conduct, customs and our respected traditions.
She called on women, specifically to join in condemning the act, because, according to her, whosever successfully classify a woman as a prostitute has ended up assassinating her character, diminishing her image not only on the public glare but also at her home, since the adverse effect is that most woman may likely find it difficult to command respect from their children after every dynamics associated with politicking.
Edward said: “If you call a woman a prostitute she may not feel it since she is innocent of the allegations, But when you go further to type and post it online, that has totally diminished her image at home and in the public. This is because the children of the condemned woman will not find it funny at all when reading this report. They may even capitalize on it and talk to their mother anyhow because the enemy at home is worst than enemy in the public glare" and "the battle at home kills our heroes faster than the warfront.

By Okechukwu Onuegbu



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