Thursday, 14 January 2016

Kidnappers Kill Couple

Enugu—police have arrested a suspect who allegedly masterminded the killing of a couple, Mr Marcel Aba and his wife, Jacinta, at Amaja in Enugu Ezike in September last year for aiding security agents to free a kidnapped man, who is from Anambra State, and was tied to a tree in a forest close to the couple’s home.
The suspect’s name was simply given as Mr. Idoko, a native of the community.
The kidnapped man was seen in the forest separating Amaja community from Adupi in Benue State in September by a woman, who ran back to inform her husband. Her husband then alerted members of the vigilante group in the area.
Members of the vigilante were also said to have alerted the nearest police station in the area, which sent detectives to free the kidnap victim.
However, the couple were reportedly slaughtered by the suspected kidnappers, following a tip-off by some members of the vigilante group from Amaja



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