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Igbo Land Is Morally Incarcerated—Clergy

Rev. Fr. Ibe
Rev. Fr. Dr. Francis Chizoba Ibe, PhD is a priest that belongs to the Congregation of the Holy Ghost in the Catholic Church, and the Provost, College of Igbo Elders. He also doubles as Coordinator of United Communities of Igboland.

In this special interview with the CEO of, Comr. Okechukwu Onuegbu, the illustrious son of Adazi-nnukwu, Anaocha Local Government Area of Anambra State discussed series of issues including the reason Igbo culture and tradition has been relegated to the background.
The excerpt:

What does Fr. Ibe Do Excluding His Religious Obligation?

As a Catholic Missionary Priest, I realised the felt need to develop missionary consciousness among our people in keeping to the tradition of the Catholic Church, the Tradition which empowered the Europeans to send their sons and daughters as missionaries in African land not minding the stiff challenges that were invoked that time. As the story was told, the more they died, the more they came, meaning they had strong faith that fired them. It was that strong faith that gave us the kind of stable church we have today.

But as the English say, every good turn deserves another. They have played their path. It is now expected of us, African believers to reciprocate in our own time. However, doing so is not a matter of words. It is practical action. And since no one gives what he has not, African missionaries must be equipped for them to be able to give. Hence, God in His wisdom inspired the establishment of Bishop Shanahan Foundation Gospel Crusader of Jesus for us to learn though the life and works of that first Bishop and his companions. By learning from them our own missionaries will be equipped with the necessary tools to face the challenges of missionary work in our own time.

It was in doing this that God began to make move under difficulties that need to be solved and one of them was that every missionary is always proud of his nationality. In fact once you leave your shores and go out what you are known for is your nation. People you meet outside will sometimes forget that you are a Nigerian and call you an Igbo or a Biafran. That is what they are fed with. Thus, it became necessary when God was revealing what was hampering missionary work was not clearly a question of ordinary interest of this person and that person, this priest and that priest. But a typical difficult was arising from a problem the colonial masters inplanted in our land which we called today the igbo problem. Igbo problem is very very very diverse. Because our people from very long past were divided, disorganized, and individualized. So the whiteman stood at the center and continue to keep our lives in this disorganization, this division and this indidualism with this every Igbo indidula strive to satisfy his or her interest hearing the whieman. And so, there was no cooperation, no collaboration instead there were wars, competition, mutual suspicion, screcy and community distruction. So this situation has taken place for a long time and did not give our people any opportunity to think together, plan together and to work together, to enjoy together. So been an Igbo became a mere name without a substance. And it became very difficult for a singe Igbo man or woman that put ever hands or time to bring our people together. Any strong man you see when his father died will strive as individual is forgotten. And whatever he left will go as well. And it will be happening more in future unless something urgent is done. That is because of Igbo problem caused by the white man.  What did the white man do? The white man when they came discovered that igbo people were living in a small independent communities allmost selfcontained, complesent people, and hardworking but on indidual level. So when they became afraid and created conflict in between them. And because of that they enslaved massively of our people. That was the first contact between the whiteman and iIgbo peron. This is because Igbo people living in the smaller community had no internal defence. No protection. So, the save traders had free ride as there was no a person to seek a redress. And in that Igbo enclave they used material things to bribe the traditional rulers. The tradional rulers exchanged money for life for the first time crime which has never being cleansed. That abomination has never being cleansed. And as Igbo said, aru adi urere. It remains fresh everytime. When the slave trde became at modern, the colonial masters came  and began to fight against our people. To there surprise, they thout ythey couldbdefreat our people in one great swift but thye coul not. Because they will be conquesring them one by one and requires much energy. And once you cover one you will look for another energy to fight another one. So they have been fighting for over twenty years. On conquering Igbo man, they unite the Igbo land according o their own interest so that these people cnqured will be led by a foreigner. To achieve their aims, the elders who use to be the leader of their communities were changed with the people that have questionable charaters in their communnitiesnwho served white man interest as warrant chiefs. So they devalued communities elders, and introduce education that did nottake science and Philosophy into action. So, what the igbo man knew became a private matter. And they were taught simpler thing that does not take into account their own ingneniuty, the values they have accumulated over ther time. Gradually, these vaues went under grooung because the elders were considered irrevant. In our language in doing so, the parents lost their children, and the children lost their parents. This is now what they planted. The land look normal ut the management was in the foreign hand. Then the values and interest were foreign. The igboman have no chance to speak. But what he could do was to struggle to make a living at every little opportunity. That is why money is now important to Igbo man more than values. It became worst when the missionaries brought christinaity de-emphasised the  tradional religion, caling it pagan. So there was no way the missionary school could embrace or give it a positive attention. Therefore, the Igbo past, the Igbo history was left to die. It is that dying that is bane of igbo people now. It is like a cancer in the mere life. So as a consequency we said that igbo land is morally castrated race. These morally caceration, it is incapable of productivity. This is because this castration means that igbo land cannot be integrated following the system of the whiteman. That is the purvoy. And because they cannot be integrated there was no way of them having a leader. No one to speak for them, igbo man become most exploited land in the world because every government in this world, be it politically or religious is foreign based. None pays tax to igbo man. Therefore Igbo is not taken into account for continuing to exist. It is a just a mere name. because of this igbo grows weaker against the acient wisdom that nwa ga aka nna ya. Kita nwa adighi aka nna ya because the father is already impoverished, so the child is more improvised. What gave rise to Biafra crises was this problem. Maka na nwata etoghi eto choba ihe gburu nna ya, ihe gburu nna ya egbu ya. This British incnaretion which they were handling very strong. So when the igbo men like Ojukwu began to show sign that they can now redeem  themselves without so much planning. Therefore Biafra was crushed by a collaboration of external forces. An enemy is standingby watching who will raise hishead to strike down. That is the state of affairs in the igboland. Anything that is done in any area of Igbo land is always hanging, be it in church or political clime. There is no route or base because whiteman has made them impossible. I want you to understand this background because we can now talk of nmou bundu.
What is mou bundu?
 Is a divine inspiration to show that onyeji eji, that person who holds you is holding both the invisible and physical element. He is not holding your physical spirit. As long as your sprit is alive, your God is alive. That is working little by litte we can now have a base or where we can stand. It is time to alert the people that the enemy is around them. The enemy is very tight. But the only solution is for them to go inside. And then from inside develop appropriate tools, appropriate methods, appropriate identity which they need to create dialogue. Thy now have a bsed. That is the platform. They are now working for national and creative eindepence. And with God develop better means of resisting the enemy. you don’t know his family, education. That person is forgotten and once forgotten nothing about him can be written about him. Who or what the person. Without this strategy network we cannot get our history. And once we do not know our history we will remain scattered. 
Mou bundu shows that our sprit is one. And we can preview ourseves. This is why Igbos say Moubuike, Mounedu, Mounewu, Mouzoba, Moudobelu. For the ancient, the sprit, the prime value…. Once we claim the existence we will reincarnate. You will see that the nmou gadu azo. Like tree, if you kills it, it will survie. Our only effort was that we are gathering it small without making noise about it so that the enemy will not attack you with stronger forces to disturb you. If you do it in your own language. What we do in way till we get enough strong voice. It is organised by the people called the college of igbo elders for igbo reformation. In igbo language, college is odinani. That is ihe kwu akwu aga esi nakaya nwe mmuta. That is why we used to say that okenye adighi ano n’ ewu amou no ogbuli. Because through okenye, the past is know, present is understood, the future is attempted. With okenye is explanation of thing. So the whiteman decided to destroy this okenye. To destroy it means that the fifth generation will not have a refrence. I mean the past is forgotten. The race become incancerated. Not that they are physical cacerated but that they are rendered powerless. This expect I am telling you now is not taught anywhere. It was not taught to anyone. You can only learn that when study in between the line. You can now calculate it very well and see where the problem lies. So as it is now, every Igbo man is scattered. And onye agu nagu is either no onwelu source na lagos, PortHarcourt, Maiduguri, etc. in the midst of Hausa power or Yoruba Power. That individual cannot resist them. That is where he gets his surce of income. No where you talk to him he will ever listen to you. Becase it is where his name, fame, life and all in all lies. His father’s home is only where believed he would be buried when died. That is it. If you look at his back where he based you would discover that he has lots of enemies who would even kill him at any chance. This is why there are conflict everywhere; kindred, village, town, etc.what everyone now believe to be solution is money, the opulent. That is why people no more live long. They don’t eat, they don’t relax. It is old conflict and uneding quarrels, quarrels…  Moubundu becomes a central point where those that accepted came together. Everyone is complaining and complaining. Once he dies, the living divide what he left behind, and that is all. Moubundu is one spirit, one man one land. That is why we bring kola and break. There are even spirit in breaking kola. You first wash hands before you take oji and talk of the successful people of the community. Pray for life, pray for good health, pray for justice, pray for sacrifice…and beak kola and eat then come the discussion. Igbo kwenu means that everyone ought to listen having consulted God, and God is talking. Igbo muonu, meaning you must be creative. Igbo zaunu-you must nurture what you have created. Igbo rienu-You have to eat from what you have done. Igbo nunu-you have to celebrate it. Igbo kachanu-you have to excel. Igbo kwezuenu-You have to tell the story. Umu unu zuanu-when you plant you must eat from what you have planted. Beautiful ancient story of Igbos that we have recreated. Wherever igbo come together, requires prayer. Otu mounbundu prayed god to give us more foundational words to explain what we are doing to be easier to us. So, the first one God revealed to us is that Igbo sin adighi ari-ukwuose elu, kama agba ya okirikiri. It means that ukwuose nwere power and force behind it. Ukwuose nweru azu karaka. That means that the substance to this race is a powerful respecter of azu. Igbo is ukwuose. We now call it that Igbo means dikeazu ukwuose. When you now said it fires anybody that mention that name. no other tribe in the world can pronounce the word perfectly. You suppose to be an epitome of stability- akwa-akwulu as a person, and as a community; integrated people. So whoever attach to it must excel. Every igbo man, male or female is dikeazu ukwuose. If you now project it as a value you can now apply it anywhere. Project it anywhere. That is nkwo, afor, orie and eke dikeazuwkuose. It means that your life is stable… Peace is total submission to the will of God. And it means the same thing to all whether you are Christian or not. That udo is okanikpere. You are curing yourself of this man incapacitation. We have gone ahead to unite our community. We are united community of Igbo land. We have gotten one Igwe. Igbo enwego ezo. That traditional ruler is Emmanuel Onyeneke of Ekwulobia. That is Igwe Igbo general. He is now a visible representation. We also have President General, Prof. Jude Madu as President Gneral of Igbo land. This means that God is in the centre of Igbo circle to be assisted by these people. We have also goe further to bring back to us meaning, and He revealed to us three values. One is Oku, life; second value is azu, backer or provider. In each life is about three element; God, Man and Woman. Azu-oku is life in the light. The divinity,…it is called the numinous in Theology. It is what you cannot see yet it is in existence. This is what the ancient Igbos called Ilomuo. Trying to respect the visible of the invisibility. That is your father and mother is in you. If they are not there, you can’t exist.
Our politicians are not learned. Once you get to them. Mounbundu sarted in 2003. College in 2005. Every igbo adult is an Igboo elder but people now shy awa from that. Once you are schooled into that problem, and think in that circle you can join. We encourage people, the younger generation to see themselves as elder at heart. We wnt the background to be known. Because once you are assured of the problem. This is what research have revealed. We have college of Igbo elders which have now gronw to …united of Igbo land. College of Igbo Revival and Spirituality is at Ugwuoba. Is informal college. At oral level to get. The uniting one is moubundun festival which take place…if your paper is devoted to this project, it will become an insider to what we are doing. We can use it for the project. We cannot fight them on the field. Usually it is celebrated at Adazi Nnukwu, but now is celebrated at Igwe Igbo general at Ekwulobia. Igbos have nothing to show. We will soon encourage igbo people to join. Every Igbo man is a member whether you are at Port Harcourt or Awka. It is divine choice because it is voluntary.    

Those chosen were selected based on their discretion. Some accepted, some rejected the offer due to their jobs and other engagement.
Other activities of the group of … to educate Igbos. My brother to be frank with you, we try to publish  this messages in a brochures. We try to put together and spread various kinds of festivals which we do in community like Adazi, hoping that sometimes they would equally be celebrated at other communities in Igbo land. If we are able to convince the traditional rulers and other Igbo enthusiasts to help. This is because it is not all about the seminars but the issue of creating mutual contacts with festivals. Some people will buy into it and spread it. The only development we are getting now is that many traditional rulers are coming up. We are planning t meet Igwes and their communities to see if they can buy into them and reinterpreter various service outlets and do it themselves. We believe that when sold as a lecture, it does not sink. But when you send it as practice. For instance, we call the Presidnt Genral-AKA Azuoku Obodo, the women counterpart is EBUBE-AZUOKU, Obodo-DIKE AZUUKWUOSE. In a village, someone who represent the interest of the college, we call him Anyaazuoku. The pesontake personal service for a community for a quality service he performs not for politics. We will keep on dialogu so that when they heard it published on a paper like Orient Daily or radio stations, they will take it personally. We are also planning to use the univerdity system to steach it.
On kolanut…if there are women, you can
On the church
Peac emeans total submissionnto the will of God. The cross is focs of multiple action and reaction at bot spiritual and physivall. You must submit to the will of God. Whatever is
On how the abomination done by the white man, how do they plan to atone them, through tradition or chistain? We are trying to establish to the people that is abomination that needs to be atone just like those murdered at wars who were not properly buried. The sinners not wll buried. Because is when are  organised it gets going. When you are not organised. We have gotten Igwe, and we use one minute to stand for silence over our fallen heroes. There is no limit. We will continue to it little until one day they will rise to help us. And when they arise, the victory shllbe our without limit.
On Biafra fought with no adequate, do you think Igbos are now ready for it?  No they are not ready. They could have been dreaning and may continue dreming. This is because when a child is denied a breast, iit ought bito keep quiet. But they should not make noise because once your enemy heard your crie, they will treat you moe on harsh way. Because we are yet to have politians, no igbo anything, no igbo house, no rich Igbo man. So igbo house because there is no wher you can go now and get only igbod. So it good to dream. Like that nwobu that want to return back to its nest, because he cannot because the truth remains that enemy is trying to block you. What we should do is to identy that egg as God and try developing oirslvrd. So that onye nseo oki will not know that you are developing so that he will wake uonwith out waking that is what we are doojng. The masses are dreaming and lamenting.
On advise to government and th e Igo…government is an enemy of igboland. Igbo should see them as our chakllenge. Anything the whiteman establish is doing it to overcome that challenge. When they follow it lk ethat they will never cross but remain poor. As time goes on, we shall update oour religious outlets, re-interprete the Christian message in view of peace so that people will no longer look at it as message of peace for everybody. Is what we are doing for now. Don’t offer yourself. Once we submit and cross, Christian denomination or religioun you succeeded we will see it in one direction. That is called okanikpere. One is presented as Christian value, all these we beg about our difference we be no more. 



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