Thursday, 24 December 2015

WHY it is CHRISTMAS and not Xmas

Ladies and gentlemen, it beats my imagination to see how the world has turned Christianity into Xtianity, Christ into X and Christmas into Xmas. This is just a deliberate ploy by enemies of the cross to discredit Christ and represent him with bad sign 'X' or negativity (as often used in schools to depict failure).
I know that other religions like Islam would not accept Xlam neither would Budhism nor Hinduism accept Xhism or Xduism respectively. It is only in Christianity that anything goes, even we the follower of Christ help in propagating negativity and falsehood relating to our faith. What a shame? Please be wise.
Again, it is Christmas Greetings and not Season's Greetings (I don't know the kind season they mean: rainy, dry, summer or winter). MTN, other service providers and cards printers should take note. It should be 'Christmas Greetings Nigeria' just as they do to Eidel Mubarak, Eidel Kabir, Bakir da Sallah etc.
Welcome to Christmas week, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my people.



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