Wednesday, 16 December 2015

I Will Not Relent in Fighting Mental Illness and Poverty —CPHA

Chief Dr. Mrs. Flora Ilonzo and Bishop Paulinus Ezeokafor

By Okechukwu Onuegbu

The founder and Chief Executive Officer, Center for Herbal Studies/ Centre for Psychic and Healing Administration (CPHA), Chief Dr. Mrs Flora I.N. Ilonzo (Amb. P) has vowed never to relent in her resolve to wipe out mental illness and poverty in the country.
CPHA Healing home

Ilonzo, who disclosed this while interacting with newsmen shortly after official commissioning of CPHA Mental Home& Skill Acquisition Centre by Bishop Paulinus Ezeokafor of Awka Catholic Diocese, explained that the centre would trained people in different skills such as tailoring, computer, phone repair, tailoring, shoemaking, automobile repairs, driving school, hair dressing, moulding and building interlocking stones, bricklaying, furniture-making, barbing salons, cassava processing, etc.
Chief Dr. FIN Ilonzo of CPHA with her first daughter, Princess Nwanne Campo, while dancing from the alter after offering. .
Her words: “I have trained a host of people in various skills to help in training people that will come here. So, I cannot do it alone. I am urging them to avail themselves the opportunity to participate in training others. What I am assuring you is that anyone who passes through this centre would be able to stand on his/her own. I am a practical lady. I learnt so many skills such as mechanic, tailoring, etc. I was the first woman who built army jungle boots for the whole Nigeria. The former military governor of the old East Central State, Col. Aboki Ochefu came to me during his regime.

“Those days I had briefcase factory that employed and attracted so many important personalities. I am not yet through with building our society for the best. I pray God to inculcate all I have done into my children so that they will do greater than me. In fact, I believed they have already passed me because four of them are medical doctors, and surgeons unlike me. They equally learnt herbal”.

“For instance, in the last two years I picked 8 boys on the main road where they were hawking okpa and groundnut. I prepared learners’ permit for them. They learnt to drive. Today, they are professional drivers. If young men and women would be willing to learn how to drive it will help them to sustain themselves. This is because there are families looking for drivers… This project is part of what I mentioned in the letter I wrote to the then Anambra state government while requesting for a parcel of land to settle in my state”.
CPHA IT/Skills centre
On how the lunatics would be rehabilitated, Ilonzo said: “Over 80 people with different ailments have been brought here, and cured through the Grace of God. But this time, we want at least forty persons at a time. You know there are about 21 spirits per a mad man. I cannot do this treatment alone. I need your prayers. We will not accept abandoned mad people by the road side. We want only the troublesome in the society and at homes to be brought here; duly registered or acknowledged by their people especially the President Generals and Traditional Rulers of their respective community for proper identification and documentation.

“God always answers my prayers. Even people suffering of prostrate from overseas have been referred here, and were healed. You will find details if you google my name on Youtube. In this healing centre are diabetes wards, cancer wards, wards for the strokes patients, wards for general patients, etc. This place is special for learning, training and treating people.

While thanking her guests at the events, Chief Dr. Ilonzo called on the governments at all levels, private individuals, among other interested persons to join her in building better society for all and sundry where joblessness and diseases would become history.

Speaking in a sermon earlier, the Catholic Bishop of Awka Diocese, Most Rev. Dr. Paulinus Ezeokafor stressed the importance of charity works especially during the Yuletide, because according to him, God is more interested on people’s good work on earth not the amount of wealth they might have acquired.

Ezeokafor, who praised Chief Dr Ilonzo on her success stories on phytomedicine, healing through herbal and philanthropy, added that life would be better when the advantaged learn to use their skills, talents, wealth or resources to empower others.

The prelate therefore called on all and sundry to support the project, even as he enjoined the populace to wisely make use of herbal and the foods they consume, because according to him, indeed our food is our medicine and all medicines were produced from herbal. reports that the ceremony was attended by people from all walks of live, including the traditional rulers, top government functionaries, priests, the religious, captain of industries, etc.



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