Sunday, 22 November 2015

Urgent Need to Review National Honours, Man Writes President Buhari

By Abdulbaqi Jari II

Permit me a space to call on President Buhari to please set up a committee to review national honors granted to individuals since its inception.

Mr President has been fighting corruption since the swearing in of his government. It is embarrassing that some of the suspects his government is fighting for on grounds of corruption, or pointing to have national honors.

They should be stripped off the national honors given to them "illegally" as they don't deserve it to begin with.

It is only in Nigeria that every; President is a GCFR holder, every Vice President, Senate President, Chief Justice holds GCON award. Almost all first class traditional rulers leaders in Nigeria are CFR holders. Likewise, High Ministers, state governors and heads of government agencies are automatically national honors award winners. It doesn't make sense at all.

National honors should be meant for people who have done a national service to Nigeria, someone that promotes Nigeria's image and integrity.

I think of some of our gallant soldiers, people in the academia, athletes, etc are more deserving than you Me President. Somebody that came to mind was the person that wrestled with a suicide bomber before he detonated a bomb in Yobe state. These are our real heroes and "patriots".

Also, I recommend awarding national honors should be done once in 3 years. That means it is only after 3 years that it will be given. That will make it respected and befitting to heroes of Nigeria.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Abdulbaqi Jari



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