Monday, 2 November 2015

Prelates, Traditional Rulers Urge to Shun Politics as a Moral Crusader praises Obi, Obiano


By Okechukwu Onuegbu

Following the heartbreaking comments attributed to some unscrupulous elements 
masquerading as Traditional rulers and Prelates in Anambra State, A world renowned moral crusader, and Director, Center for Moral Mentorship South Eastern Nigeria, Aisha Edward has advised some monarchs and Bishops in Anambra State to refrain from politics and sycophancy.

Edward, who spoke with described as “uncalled-for, arrant nonsense and traumatized inciting comments” the comments attributed to the state based monarchs and prelates last week, appealed to the indicted revered leaders to unanimously brainstorm towards forestalling lasting peace and unity between Governor Willie Obiano and his predecessor, Chief Peter Obi.

According to Edward, this peace if achieved, would help in developing the state to enviable heights, and specifically addressed the needs of its populace, because where two elephants fight, the grasses suffer the loss.

In the said report widely circulated on social media, learnt that the image of past Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi was tarnished by the same traditional rulers who forcefully crowned him “Okwute Ndi-Igbo” (which he never begged for), and Prelates who earlier praised him as best governor in the East and first to dole-out vehicles as well as return schools to its former missionary owners.
Edward, who equally reminded the sycophants (monarchs and prelates) that their positions in the society demands for more accountability, unbiased minds and neutrality, stressing that their double stands or Immoral  attitudes like crabs in the recent time was capable of inciting their subjects or congregation into Anaphobia (that is forcing their respective supporters in Anambra state to fight) over frivolities and irresponsible comments.          

She added that consequences of the unruly comments could even force worthy congregations and new converts like herself to abandon or voluntarily withdraw from religion (Christendom specifically) as the charades some of them(prelates) turn the same holy church of God into a magnificent house of deceits.
Her words: “I am not happy over an article I read online. I was worried and concerned because the comments attributed to some Igwes and prelates traumatized and pummeled me. Could this be said to be a sign of end time or politics in the Christendom?

“I want to let them know that speaking evil of Peter Obi in order to gain favour of any kind from Governor Obiano is capable of sparkling war. Some of  Our prelates should refrain from making uncomplimentary comments, and rather borrow leaf from Bishop Ezeokafor, who is clamouring for peace between the two brothers (Obi and Obiano).

“I consider myself as a new convert of the church having being out of Church for over 20 years. I returned back to Christendom just three weeks ago only to be chased out again with these uncomplimentary remarks emanating from revered religious institutions
“I am appealing to them to ceasefire because such uncomplimentary remarks could force people like erstwhile Gov. Peter Obi to stop helping the needy, when the people saddled with the care of the needy are Obviously engrossed in politics, yet they are too quick to judge Obi. I won't be surprised if the Governor they claimed to praising is reading in between the lines over their sycophantic personalities. Thereby making him to be more suspicious of their dramatic opinions and treat them cautiously because he doesn’t know what the praise-singers would talk of him when he is not there as a Governor. And when this happens, the populace, especially the vulnerable and disadvantaged will suffer the pain”.
She further thanked Governor Obiano for accommodating the unscrupulous elements, but sharply advised him to be mindful of them before the use their eye service to ruin his administration.

Similarly, Edward urged the prelates to return back to their God’s callings, while advising the Traditional Rulers to face their subjects, who are in dire need of them.
The moral crusader, who claimed to have missionary upbringing, in a similar vein, admonished the prelates to get publicity secretaries or press secretaries to represent them in such controversial outing or to be used in any kind of propaganda so as to avoid denting the image of the church with any sycophantic representations.



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