Saturday, 21 November 2015

Moral Crusader Faults Dasuki Over Comments on John Ode led panel, Asks Him to Face his Corrupt Charge

Aisha Edward
By Okechukwu Onuegbu

WORLD renowned moral crusader, and Director, Center for Moral Mentorship, Aisha Maureen Edward has advised the embattled former National Security Adviser, Col. Sambo Dasuki (rtd.) to either accept his fate or seek for a redress in the court of competent jurisdiction rather than discrediting the image of John Ode, whose panel investigated purchase and supply of arms during the administration of the erstwhile President Goodluck Jonathan.  

Dasuki, who was indicted along with others, was alleged to have awarded N333bn “fictitious and phantom” arms contracts. But he described the panel’s submission as baseless, compromised and lacking in diligence even as he noted that he was never invited by any panel.

Reacting in an interview with on Saturday, Edward, who served in the series of military magazine as a roving correspondent under the name “Maureen Chima” claimed that she knew ‘Jon Ode’ as “very respectful, a man of integrity, good antecedent and intellectual per excellence”.

Hear her: “I once interviewed AVM Jon Ode right from his days as an officer cadet at NIGERIAN DEFENCE ACADEMY (NDA). I was opportune to work under him so I knew him to a great extent. He never compromised at any moment of his career and can never be compromised. He is a very responsible man, a man with good character. Although I do not know his religious belief then, but I will describe him as a born again Christian officer. He was never seen in a social circle; not even in popular tombola.  

“Those of us with him at NDA when he was acting commandant knew how people anticipated his becoming the ‘Acting commandant when his boss Maj GEN DZARMA retired as Commandant’. We held him and will still hold him to highest esteem because he is a polish gentleman.  Why must Dasuki accuse him of been vindictive? Ode has never nailed or victimized any officer to be promoted. He was never willing to pursue any contracts or promotions by hooks or crooks. I advise Dasuki to remove Ode from the list of those he thought were against him. If he cannot accept the outcome of the investigation, he should channel his grievances to the appropriate authority or court of competent jurisdiction”, she exploded.

Similarly, Edward reiterated the needs for senior officers in the military to help in redeeming the image of the once revered profession noting what is tenable in the force is no longer what they experienced when she was there.

“Appropriate authorities like Retired Army, Navy and Air Force Officers Association (RANAO) should wakeup to its responsibility and reawaken the battered image of the military by cautioning and correcting the new generational officers in the service now in the display of their ethics and conducts. It is disheartening that both the retired, retiring and serving soldiers have soiled their image.  What really happened to the beautiful and admirable image of the military during the just concluded 2015 Election? What about their ESPIRI D'CORPE? I once attended a civilian function where I heard someone describing the officers as political soldiers.

“This is because they no longer respect each other. They now prefer to be attached to a politician or wealthy business man where they would embark on horrendous activities; enjoy mouthwatering allowances and influence rather than to diligently serve the country for promotions, recognition or posterity. This is why most of them including Dasuki kept mute when politicians were making uncomplimentary remarks, especially the lost and later found Buhari school certificate during the 2015 general election…It was after he won the election that they began to grant press interview to praise him.  All those information were equally dished out to the civilian press by the then military officers who were speaking from the both sides of their mouth just for their personal aggrandizement.

"BUT thank GOD that it is now in our past. Today, there is a BRAND NEW UNPOLITICAL ARMY courtesy of the new COAS, GEN BURATAI Which am glad that the reverse is now the case because of the new wind of change. BEFORE NOW A pain to a military officer used to be a pain to all. That is why it is generally believed that once a military is ESPIRIT D CORP APPLIES AUTOMATICALLY …They should wakeup and redeem that image!”, Aisha concluded.



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