Sunday, 22 November 2015

Kogi Guber: The Shame President Buhari Gave Nigeria

By Favour Afolabi

The entire political space should be extremely disappointed in itself for not being able to conclude an election in just one state – Kogi!

This is aside Politics – I feel a righteous anger well up in me every time “One election is coming up in Nigeria and it looks as though we are preparing for the Third World War” – this is really a terribly sad trend and practice – one that shows extreme desperation on the side of the Politicians, their Supporters, the Umpires – and worst of all, the ADJUDICATORS of the space, this time around, being the Presidency, the Security Forces, and the electoral body, both under the servitude of the Executive.

There is no reason why the result of an election ONE State should not be announced by 6pm of that same – at least, showing what 75% of the numbers look like – this APC government should please not turn this nation into a Banana Republic – the way it has gone about trying to “enforce a confirmed corrupt politician” as the next governor of this state is extremely shameful and completely negates the “Honesty toga of this President.”

It was only until a few days to the polls that I confirmed that “Kogi was intentionally denied the Bailout funds meant to pay its staffers” simply because the Executive wanted to frustrate the people of the state to the point that they unanimously vote off the incumbent while having their foot soldiers sell the polity the crap of “if you give the Governor the money, he will spend it on the polls!”

Please, give me a break – this is after the same people applauded how “Aregbesola got N40bn from the same Presidency after he had already used the state resources for his re-election, other elections and to benefit his benefactors” – what I see here is an emerging “Dictatorial Leadership being empowered to do so by our educated elites” to the point of no return.

I don’t recall “any inconclusive elections in a State” or “Court Judgments regarding guber races” in the last 8 years under PDP’s late Yar’Adua and Jonathan – any time PDP lost a state via the polls or via the Courts, these two gentlemen would immediately “Congratulate the Opposition and direct that the security Bodies immediately make it possible for the new person to come into Office.”
There was also never a time they disobeyed court orders in these regards – please, these Nigerians who love to quote “How America has the best democratic system” yet come back home to help the ruling party subvert this Democracy should know they would some day have their names and reputations written in the dark sides of the History of our nation and someone should tell the newly confirmed INEC Boss that “This Kogi shenanigans is an absolutely disgraceful way for him to begin his tenure in Office” – shame, indeed!
Favour Afolabi is a political commentator who runs in his spare time; and owns a real estate brokerage services company. He tweeted from @favourafolabi



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