Saturday, 21 November 2015

Joy in Anambra as NGO Vows to pay WAEC fees of 2 Vulnerable students in Anambra

PICTURE 1: Promoter of PPBF's Train  A  Child Today Programme, Princes Bibiana Nwankwo in a
group picture with management and students of Girls  Secondary School, Nimo in Anambra State,while
rejoicing with mates and recipients of the PPBF's free WAEC  fee, Miss Ngozi Henrietta Nkwo and Miss Nwakaego  Onyeemelu  both in PPBF yellow-coloured branded  T-shirts after winning the ballot. 

PICTURE 2: The SS3 students of Girls Secondary School, Nimo, Njikoka Local Government Area of Anambra State, Miss Ngozi Henrietta  Nkwo and Miss Nwakaego Onyeemelu  being announced winners of free WAEC fee gesture by the Organization’s Founder/promoter, Princess Bibiana Nwankwo


A Non Governmental Organization, known as and called Princess and Princess Bibiana Francis Concept  has set machinery in motion to pay the school fees of two Senior Secondary School Three students of Girls Secondary School, Nimo, Njikoka Local Government Area of Anambra State, Miss Ngozi Henrietta Nkwo  and Miss Nwakaego Onyeemelu.

The two lucky students, picked  the ballot paper that each reads, “Congratulations! Your WAEC Fee Will Be For You By Us,” to become eligible for free purchase of their WAEC Forms by the NGO, with support from    Train-A-Child-Today (T-AC-T-)  Ugochukwu Okeke Foundation.

Announcing this names of the winners after drawing the ballot,  the Vice President of the School, Mrs Theresa Obiageli Igboameze expressed immense gratitude that the lucky one were in dire need of help as they are intelligent and need such an assistance and more.

The Ballot followed a Train-the-trainer Seminar organized by BBPF-led Hon Nnadozie Ezechikwelu and promoted by  Princess  Bibiana Nwankwo  for 15 SS1 - SS3 Students of the school on the Young Mind Advancement Programme(YAP),  with the theme: “A Practical Beginning.” 

Earlier in a paper titled, “Career  Choice and Leadership,’’ delivered by the Founder of PPBF  and Child and Mother Advocate, Princess Nwankwo pointed out that the participants are being empowered with knowledge to serve as resource persons and teach their mates and peers on what they have learnt.

Princess Nwankwo called on the students to make a right career choice based on their interest, ability and determination to pursue and achieve their objectives.

She urged them to  strive to acquire not only knowledge but also skills necessary to enable them set up their own business to achieve self reliance and contribute to nation building,  if they fail to secure jobs after graduation.

Speaking further, she defined leadership as an ability to inspire, manage and compel  others to do his aspiration  and bidding willingly,and urged the students to endeavour to develop leadership  and communication skills. 

The PPBF focal person  advised the students to stay away from bad influence and set the goal for themselves to complete their  education before venturing into any field of human endeavour , adding that they should  always seek the advice of their parents, guardians, school guidance and counselors in addition to their  church leaders on issues bordering them.

Also in a paper titled, "Health Issue and Hygiene," a medical personnel, Chijioke Ilechukwu  took the students on the concept of hygiene as the practice of keeping oneself and one’s living and working environment clean in order to prevent  illness.

Quoting the  World Health Organization (WHO), he said "Hygiene refers to conditions and practices that help to maintain health and prevent the spread of disease”
He categorized hygiene to cover medical hygiene, home/life hygiene, body hygiene, hand hygiene, respiratory  hygiene, food hygiene, laundry hygiene, household water treatment and safe storage hygiene, kitchen, bathroom and toilet hygiene.

Ilechukwu    stated that certain conditions or practices help one to maintain a good health living and warned the students against the dangers of keeping their food open to insects  to deposit micro organisms and bacteria, warning further that they should avoid allowing poultry food to touch uncooked ones.

He reiterated the need  for the participants to wash fruits, vegetables as well as their hand with water and  soap before and after eating, after going to toilet, and touching animals,  adding that they should resort to hand cleaning with ash (ntu in local parlance) where there is no soap or water.

Ilechukwu while advising girls to avoid sweet foods pointed out that 80 percent of dental patients
are girls due to their penchant to take sweets and sweet items, and further cautions them against use of dirty  toilet as according to him, some diseases and infertility are caused b not necessarily through sexual indulgence  but dirty toilet.

While saying that failure to observe any of the hygienic forms creates room for them to contact bacteria and micro organisms, he advised them to protect themselves to prevent diseases and illness, through washing their hands regularly with water and soap or using ash in alternative, enhancing personal hygiene, taking their bath twice a day as well as brushing their teeth twice a day.

In her paper on Security Tips for Young People,  a community development activist, lady Tina Ogoh advised the students against going out alone especially at night, adding that they should alert elderly people when ever they suspect strange movement and people loitering around their vicinity or  staying over 20 minutes at shops or public place.
Ogoh urged them to go home in group after school and to tell their parents and guardians about their movements and people they associate with.



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