Thursday, 24 September 2015

Sickle Cell Anamie Patients Jubilate as President Buhari Daughter partner them as Ambassador reports that soon beautiful Zahra, daughter of Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari, will be come to Anambra state to discuss with members of sickle cell family in the state.

Speaking to our publisher on phone, Coordinator of the Association of people living with sickle cell disorder , Aisha Maureen Edward could SAID THAT the presidency confirmed that Zahra now has interests in sickle cell and would like to see Aisha for having shown  vigour and exceptional strength.

Aisha added that Zahra has signed on to be the brand ambassador of the Sickle Cell Aid Foundation (SCAF), an NGO with a  mandate to raise awareness on sickle cell  and to guarantee that less privileged people with this disorder have access to quality healthcare stressing that: “I was impressed with the amount of work SCAF has been doing with so little resources. I also lost a sister three years back due to sickle cell anaemia, so I know what it feels like losing a loved one. Becoming an Ambassador of SCAF is a way to show my support to those suffering from sickle cell anaemia”.

The founder of SCAF, Nkechi Azinge reportedly  said, Zahra is a passionate and committed lady who is keen to lend her support in any way possible. We are certain that Zahra’s involvement will help raise exigent awareness and ensure that more sickle cell sufferers get the help they need.



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