Sunday, 2 August 2015

Two Nigerians Die After Eating Fresh Water Fish reports that pathetic fear has enveloped the people of Ezillo autonomous community in Ishielu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State following the alleged death of two persons after “enjoying” a meal of fresh fish.

This is even as another person has lost his sight after joining the dead on the same plates of fish.

Source, Odo Onyinyechi told that the victims
[post_ad] were hired labourers by one Mr. Alieze for a construction work at Ezillo, but at the course of working they decided to rest during which they took a walk to a nearby stream where they hunted for fish considered to be forbidden by the community.

The source said," one man from our community went to the town and brought people to work for him. The people later went to the stream to fetch water and came back with some fishes.

“We told them that these fishes are forbidden in our area because we don’t consume them and if you must eat it, you must remove the scale but I don’t think they listened to our advice.

“Before we could know it, two of the labourers died and one of them could not speak anymore. We don’t eat this particular fish species for any reason and we always tell anyone found with it to prepare it properly if you must eat it”, she said.

Another resident of the community who preferred to be veiled said he saw the victims harvesting the fish in the stream and warned them not to eat it.

“Those people were busy harvesting fishes in our stream and I went closer to them and saw the fishes. I told them not to eat, one of the species which were among the ones they harvested. I told them to ensure they remove the scale before preparing it because the scale is very dangerous”, he said.

Ebonyi State Police Public Relations officer, DSP Chris Anyanwu was out of town on official duty but in a telephone interview promised to confirm the veracity of the incident.



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