Sunday, 2 August 2015

Tension High in Obosi as NDLEA Moves to Clampdown Illicit Drug Traffickers

Sule Momodu, NDLEA State Commandant in Anambra
Drugs dealers and users in Obosi, Idemili North Local Government Area of Anambra State are endangered species following the resolve of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) to clampdown on the criminal elements.

The NDLEA, who noted that Anambra State is getting free [post_ad] of crimes; drugs trafficking among other evil omen, says that Obosi community and environs was their headache, but vowed to get rid of them in due time.

The State Commandant of NDLEA, Sule Momodu, who disclosed this while addressing the Anambra Online Publishers (AOP) in Awka, the state capital, said; ''projection of NDLEA in Anambra is to say that we want to reduce to the barest minimum the issue of Illicit drug trafficking and abuse and if possible eliminate it. You may not be able to say you will arrest ten this year or 15 this year no, the only projection is to reduce it and if possible eliminate it.

“I know that as time goes on and with a better working environment and with better resources, everything better, I am sure that will reduce it. We are working,  the projection someone may likely make  is to say we are going to work seriously to get at the Drug dealers at Obosi, that is my biggest headache in Anambra .
How to get those who are behind illicit drug trafficking in Obosi, those who are selling the drugs to the people who are now junkies, once you get rid of those persons , Obosi would be free from drug menace”.  

Anambra Online Publishers crew

While describing the menace of illicit drug trafficking by five unnamed persons in Obosi, Momodu described it as worrisome and beckoned on the residents to avail the command with useful information to arrest  notorious drug kingpin in their area, even as he noted with regret that Obosi has been spotted  as a trouble zone and needed supports and cooperation of residents of that area to provide the agency with information that would aid their operation .

“I solicit for improved logistic and manpower such as vehicles, etc. to overrun the activities of these major drug peddlers who turn people to junkies in the means of making money. We run two radio programmes, quiz contest for the secondary schools in Anmabra, and state government has encouraged every school to participate and even create drug-free clubs. But we have not been able to verify this because the school authorities are not there to support you. I appeal to schools to comply. I am equally appealing to the government and stakeholders in the education sector to include drug free education in the country’s secondary school curriculum so as to catch them young.”

Momodu equally stressed that best ways to effect change at all sectors of the country is attitudinal change; via promotion of cultural values and patriotism, urging the citizenry to eschew ethnicity or religious bigotry which according to him, is the panacea to virile  nation building.

He noted that institutional transformation that Nigeria needs may not be achieved by just rhetoric statements, but the willingness to restore values to the front burner would be achieved when leaders display exemplary leadership quality that would be reciprocated by people with the hope to sharpen the nation's economy with vigour.

However, the NDLEA boss in Anambra advised internet users such as bloggers, social media analysts, among others to judiciously usetilise their medium as that is the most accessible medium of news dissemination as tools of whistle blower to check excesses of some public office holders where due diligence and reward to deserving public office holder are rewarded whiteout sycophantic attribute.  

Speaking earlier, the exco of Anambra Online Publishers, headed by the state coordinator, Mr. Bamidele Ajayi requested the command working relationship with the union to assist in information dissemination noting that the online news media should be the news hub to expose illicit drug traffickers in the state. 



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