Friday, 14 August 2015

Peter Obi, Maxi Okwu and their Media Aides... The Sinking Continues!

By Kinsley Udemezue

 If Chief Peter Obi had known that he will today fall so low in the po[post_ad]
litical equation of Nigeria, perhaps he would have stuck to the only party that gave him all the political relevance he has got.

Facebook jesters and peanut seekers, who feed from stipends shared by Obi through his one-man aide, Val Obienyem would argue that Chief Obi was made before becoming Anambra’s governor and still remains a top shot in business world. However the truth remains that, Obi’s only political success began when he entered All Progressives Grand Alliance and started dwindling as soon as he left APGA. Today he is out of the equation and only exists in the imagination of political jobbers.
Obi would have been the Tinubu of Igboland if not for his selfish desire to clinch a commanding position in the second tenure of President Jonathan which never existed. Instead, he is now living in political shadow of himself just like his backdoor National Chairman, Maxi Okwu.
More worrisome is the rate and passion with which Valentine Obienyem castigate anything that comes out of the administration of Gov Willie Obiano. His urge to see Obiano fail has put him at par with Facebook miscreants who engage solely on blackmail and malicious posts taking advantage of the free cyberspace and the gullible public.
Recently, Valentine Obienyem mistakenly posted disjointed and concocted story about 60 achievements of Gov Obiano with his real account instead of the countless pseudo accounts under which he usually hides to attack. Shame on Val for being so low. Though he has quickly removed the said post but that action has shown how irresponsible he could be and how rapidly he is killing the image of Chief Peter Obi.
While I ponder on whose authority does he insult and reign abuses on the government of Anambra State, I am compelled, for want of no better reason, to believe that he intentionally fuels the war between Obi and Obiano in order to sustain his pocket and that of his Facebook jesters.
It is a pity that life after power usually drowns the unprepared. Today, just like the drowning Maxi Okwu who came into APGA through the back door as a political dead wood, Peter Obi is hastily sinking. Thanks to their unpreparedness and bad image management.
While Facebook dwellers are getting tired of Hon Eneh Victor Chigozie’s continuous assault on APGA led by Chief Victor Oye in defence of the non-existing Maxi Okwu camp, Valentine Obienyem is beginning to build a character synonymous with Facebook thuggery around himself.

Kinsley Udemezue writing from Nanka
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