Sunday, 2 August 2015

Ohanaeze Ndigbo Re-appeals to President Buhari to Close-Down Radio Biafra

Ohanaze Ndigbo, an apex-Igbo socio-cultural group has Re-appealed to the federal government through the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) to intensify effort towards blocking the Radio Biafra.

Radio Biafra is an international based radio station reportedly founded for the actualisation of the Sovereignty State of Biafra. Although it had been banned and reportedly shut-down by [post_ad] the Nigeria government, many people still claim they receive its signal through … same time.

Speaking in an interview with on Sunday at 33 Onithsa, the President of Ohanaze Ndigbo, Anambra State chapter, Elder Chris Eluemuno says he would be most happiest person on earth should the government succeed in shutting-down the broadcasting station because, according to him, the founders and broadcasters are selves-serving evidently on the provocative languages they use.
He said: “The radio station has been my headache. If I get the power I will block and pull it down myself because they don’t represent our interest. They are self-serving. People who fight for freedom in the modern era use the contents of their brain and wisdom not provocative words which could incite people to war.
“Those that partook in the civil war would never pray for it to happen again. This is modern society and we practise democracy. So, anyone is free to agitate for freedom or whatever cause. But that must not be through the use of inciting words. They should use their brains. They must refrain from using provocative works, as that amounts to felony and could wreck havoc, untold hardship and probably war on the innocent citizens if not checkmated.
In a related development, Elder Elumuno equally called on the President Muhammadu Buhari to adhere to federal character and constitution in his appointment stressing that his people are not happy as a result of how he channeled his appointments against the interest of other geo-political zones.



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