Saturday, 29 August 2015

Govt Urged to Introduce farm settlement to curb Crimes

For total eradication of crime in the country, a social critic and public affairs commentator, Prof. Anthony Nworah has called on the government to re-introduce rural and urban farm settlement where youths should be acquainted of entrepreneurial skills and mechanised farming to becoming agents of wealth creation.  
According to Nworah, the federal and states governments should acquire lands either through direct purchase or lease, and construct roads, electricity, recreational centers, modern processing mechanism, markets, among other basic amenities for farmers habitability as that will not only attract young graduates to agriculture, but shall also help in creating jobs to the teeming unemployed, diversification of our economy, as well as make civil service and politics unattractive.
The Professor of Gynecology and medical director of the famous Nworah Hilltop Hospital and Maternity, Ugwu-Tank, Awka, Anambra State, who disclosed this in an exclusive interview with our reporter, added that expansion and availability of functional skills acquisition centers will empower the populace to wisely rediscover and harness their talents and skills for better society, because according to him, best means of making money abound in Nigeria more than it is elsewhere.
On the Anambra State recently celebrated 24 years, the Professor, while acknowledging that the state has recorded impressive progress at all sectors, enjoined the state government to improve on provision of water, develop modern technology for storing energy for onward use rather than EEDC, and to incorporate modern techniques in the war against crime through training and retraining of the security apparatus on modern security trends.



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