Thursday, 6 August 2015

Give me the lunatics, jobless in the world, I shall rehabilitate and empower them for free---Dr. Mrs. Ilonzo tells Nigeria


A-renowned mother of nature and phytomedicine expert, Chief Dr. (Mrs.) Flora Ilonzo of the Centre for Psychic and Healing Administration (CEPHA), Awka has disclosed her readiness to not only heal the sick persons all over the world, but to also empower the jobless through the efficacy of indigenous plants.

Dr. Ilonzo, who further disclosed that she has built a magnificent institute for herbal and vocational studies geared towards healing and empowering the less privileged to becoming self-reliance and creator of wealth, enjoined people to return to nature, because according to her, all plants are medicinal.

Speaking while 148 SS3 students of King’s College, Lagos recently visited CEPHA, Chief Ilonzo insisted that all plants and vegetabl[post_ad]
es have chemical components best for healthy living, even as she described their shapes, colours and names as symbols of what they offer to humankind.

She therefore solicited for support from all the well meaning Nigerians and government in order to realise her dreams of educating the masses on the efficacy of African vegetations in curing all diseases.

Her words: “I cannot relent on my selfless services to the mankind. I inherited it from my parents and I don’t want it to die with me. That is why I have travelled far and near, lecturing people, empowering the needful. I have built a magnificent institute for herbal and vocational studies. It is where I wish to use the power of African green vegetation to healing the sick, engage both the jobless and under paid through empowerment and skills acquisition, etc

“I have done that to so many persons. And I must continue. But this project is too big for one person to carry on. I need partners; government and private individuals. I need funds. I need volunteers to learn from me free from any charge. I want the government to teach students skills and mass production in their field of studies, not only theory. This will enable them to adapt and lead the labour market upon graduation rather than roaming about the streets in search of non-existing jobs. I am also ready to teach teachers and lecturers, and researchers, who would further join force I spreading the gospel of your food is your medicine. I will teach for free”.

She further disclosed that the name, CEPHA, was formally known as Orinandu clinic but after the visit of westerners for physic and healing administration by the world researchers after they visited me during which I described all plants for them and their uses and portents. They certified that is a center for healing, for the physic and for administrators. ”

As usual, she called on the public never to neglect any plant, noting that every name been given to them in any language represents their worth or remedy.

She laments that our indigenous plants and foods were going into extinction even as people feel otherswise to seeking them, noting that most of what people consumes today were all made from our indigenous plants after been contanminated with preservatives.

She taught the students efficacy of walnuts, periwinkles, calabash, bitter-leaf, especially the coconut she noted that has so much potentials, even as she dispel the rumour that it renders medicine powerless while consumed in drug.

Speaking on the visit, which also witnessed question and answers session and a tour round the CEPHA, the leader of the team and Deputy Director of Federal Ministry of Education in charge of acculturazation, Mrs. Ozoemenem Onyeguri says that the excursion was an annual event designed to expose the younger generation to important aspect of lives.

Noting that the students truly learnt a lot based on the kinds of questions they asked, she added that they would publicise the report and seek for government attention in making it much better.

On his part, the Assistant Senior Prefect of the visiting school, Mr. Atinmo Fiyin says they will utilize the learning in impacting their society positively, because they have learnt how charity works helped their host to the limelight.



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