Saturday, 18 July 2015

Wife of Nollywood's Star Cancel Divorce Suit reports that the rumour making the rounds that Emeka Ike’s wife,Suzanne has filed for divorce after 13 years of living with the actor, is untrue as the former, yesterday, refuted the claims, stressing that his marriage is intact.

Ike, who also denied being a wife beater, hereby led to rest, the buzz last week that his wife had filed for divorce even as the case will be coming up on the 22nd July.
In a chat with HVP, the actor described the rumour as unfounded, blaming it on those who are envious of his marriage.
According to him, “As I’m talking to you now, I have not received any divorce notice. There is nothing like that happened. I have not received any letter from anybody. I am a Christian, we don’t divorce.”
Noting that there are challenges in every marriage, Emeka Ike wonders why people should be more concerned about pedaling falsehood without considering the aftermath of their action.
On his alleged habit of battering his wife at the slightest provocation, Emeka Ike denied the allegation, saying that he has lived with her for 13 years.
“If I am a wife beater, she wouldn’t have lived with me for this long. She spent the first year, second year and so on,  and she did not label me as a wife beater. Why is she doing so now?,”the actor queried.
Emeka Ike’s wife, Emma was earlier alleged to have filed for divorce following tales of domestic violence even though their marriage is blessed with four kids.



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