Thursday, 16 July 2015

Where is Healing River of Nachi?

Welcome to Nachi, a community in Udi Local Government Area of Enugu State.  It is almost a year now this wonderful miracle was in the news; precisely November 2013 it was rumoured that a particular river with healing power broke out of the commuunity. Then, the town was a Meca of a sort where problem-stricken and desperate miracle seekers from all part of the nation went for their healing.

Orient Daily had then reported that it all started on the 11th day of November 2013. According to community sources, a Fulani herdsman ran to the community and announced how water covered the place just few minutes after he passed.

“He told us that he passed that place with his herd of cattle and soon after, heard a strange noise; when he turned back, he discovered that a big stream has appeared at the same place he just passed with his cattle. At that point, he ran to Garki and informed his relatives, who also came there and discovered that the water had healing power. From that point, the news spread to the community”, a community source had disclosed then.

In a matter of days, it was nicknamed “Orimiri Jordan”, (River Jordan), a name after the Biblical Jordan River, where Jesus was baptized.

However, one year after, the question on the lips of many is- where is Nachi Jordan River? Where has the once bubbling stream disappeared to? What of the said miracles received from the River? What hope lies ahead of the community?

Although an indigene of the community, Chief Ernest Okonkwo admitted that the stream had appeared and disappeared same way in the past, he expressed surprise over the much talked about healing powers of the River.

According to him, “the last time it appeared was in 1992, and at that time, it just formed a small stream, which later disappeared. It has never been as large as that of 2013. This is all I know, we have never known about its healing power, this is the first time we are hearing about healing, I don’t know whether it was true, we equally heard it like you did; but we really cannot confirm whether anybody was really healed; I think it was all a hoax because I went there several times but never met anybody at the point of healing; it was all stories but we didn’t know where they emanated and the motive behind such claims; the only thing is that it attracted thousands of people and our people made big money”.

Spiritual Implications:
A cleric, Rev. Paul Osinachi recalled that he had then warned people against rushing to the stream over unverified claims.
“As far as I am concerned, all the people who had one contact or the other with that water either by swimming or drinking it landed themselves into serious spiritual problems. No matter how long it takes, they should know that they need deliverance from marine spirit.
“I felt so bad that Christians should be this desperate and gullible; let us remember that the just shall live by faith in Christ Jesus not on mysterious water. I’m aware that the River was later traced to a deity; so all those people that went there for deliverance put their lives in jeopardy. We should know what we drink, especially when it has to do with a River, many forces are involved”, he cautioned.
Also on the deity connection, an indigene of the community had told our correspondent that “before now, we have always believed that Ogboo Ngwu operates that place, even in the 1940s, if you want to drink water there, you will say “Ogboo Ngwu Nyem Mmiri”, (Ogboo Ngwu give me drinking water).
“If another power has taken over now, we don’t know, but everybody in this community knows that that place has over the years been associated with Ogboo Ngwu”.
Sharing his experience, one of the miracle seekers said he was shocked when he later learnt about the connection between the deity and the mystery stream.
According to him, “I felt so ashamed when I heard that the place was dedicated to a deity. By then, I had gone then, brought a gallon of water from there, I even gave to some of my neighbours who could not go there; all the members of my family drank that water. It was after about two weeks that we read in the paper that the stream had something to do with a deity. So, we felt so sad and regretful. I have learnt my lessons, though in a bitter way”.

Loss of Businesses:
Meanwhile, further enquiries by Orient Daily showed that while some miracle workers are lamenting the sudden disappearance of the water, residents of Nachi are angry for losing their source of livelihood.
The stream had then offered opportunities for brisk businesses for food vendors, okada riders, photographers as well as dealers on gallons.
One of the residents, who gave his name as Chima said he had then closed his welding workshop and joined in the busy Okada business, where he made no less than N10,000 every day.
“The disappearance of the stream is a bad one for us because for the one month and some days it lasted, I made fortune; I hardly make N1000 a day there in my shop, but when I joined the Okada transport from the junction to the Mystery River, I made no less than N10, 000 every day. So, we can’t say whether people received healing or not; all I know is that I’m not happy that we lost such lucrative means of livelihood”, he lamented.
For now, the stream has disappeared the same way it came and same way it did ten years earlier. It will take a next time to know if some people had learnt bitter lessons.
Residents of the community also say they are looking forward to see the stream return hopefully in 2023.



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