Saturday, 18 July 2015

The Best Exercise you must go for

The importance of exercising your body daily or timely cannot be overemphasised. Here come some tips, think could be of beneficiary to you. Read on...

The shoulderstand
Though the classic shoulder stand is executed without a prop, the variant under discussion here is done with the aid of chair.
Technique: Place a chair on the practice mat at one end. Lying on your back rather close to the chair, raise both legs and rest them on the chair forming a neat slant from feet to shoulder. Place the hands a little away from the sides. Breathe in slowly, rhythmically and deep into the abdomen. A minute or two will do at the initial stages. Follow that up with the dead man’s pose of lying completely still on your back.
Benefits: The shoulder stand affect the thyroid gland which normalizes metabolism and the production of heat and controls the heart rate.
The Plough
Technique: Lie on your back with the legs stretched out and hands placed along the sides. Take in a deep breath and drawing up the knees swing back the legs while breathing out and let the toes come to rest on the floor behind your head.
Keep the knees straight and stiffen up the muscles of legs. Keep the breathing normal as you retain the posture for about 10 seconds.
To come out of the posture simply bend the knees and just roll down the back and straight out the legs flat on the floor again. You may rest a little and repeat.
Benefits: The plough improves the elasticity of the spine. It tones the leg muscles and helps to rid constipation.
Triangle Pose
Standing with the feet rather wide apart, turn the trunk to the left and lowering it, place the palm of the left hand flat down on  the outside uf the left leg while raising up the right hand and straightening it at the elbow.
Breathe normally and retain the position for about 10 or I5 seconds.
The triangle stretches the leg, spine, and trunk muscles. It promotes flexibility of the hip spine and legs. It tones the nerves of the spine and the abdominal organs. It reduces pain in the lower back and invigorates the circulation.
Sit with the feet stretched  out in front of you. Now slowly lower the trunk till the forehead rests on the knees and with the thumb  and forefinger, form  a ring around the corresponding big toes.
With the elbows touching the floor lightly. Keep the breathing  normal and retain the pose for about 10  to 30 seconds and repeat thereafter for two or three times.
This exercise stretches your back muscles and enable you move freely at all times.It also stretches the back and hamstring muscles;and the digestive organs are properly massaged for improved functioning.

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