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Nicki Minaji Implated Breasts: How it all Started

31-year-old rapper and singer Nicki Minaj, with the name Onika Maraj is a famous rapper with a special style, mysterious background, and multiple personalities. Her tremendous achievement in rapping has earned her a very popular reputation, but before becoming popular she was singing mix tapes on Jamaica Avenue in Queens, New York.

Then in 2009 she signed with the very popular Young Money crew and ever since then, she has worked with other well-known artists such as Jay-Z, Trey Songz, and Mariah Carey. Five years after signing with Lil Wayne and becoming an international superstar, Nicki has transformed from being the one time innocent lady to a controversial star.

Judging by her output over the past year, Minaj has thrown a couple of frenzied verses in the music scene starting from “Boss Ass Bitch,” a viral YouTube hit by L.A. crunk girl group PTAF.

Also, she spent 2014 killing remixes to Young Thug’s “Danny Glover,” Rae Sremmurd’s “No Flex Zone,” and, most notably, Beyoncé’s “Flawless’’, her own track “Yasss Bish,” “Chi-Raq,” and the cutthroat “Lookin’ Ass.”

Her soft and reflective relationship song “Pills N Potions” and the comically sexual “Anaconda” display a versatility of Nicki to her fans. A lot of people think they know Nicki Minaj, but she’s just one woman, although an incredibly busy one who spends most of her time campaigning for her songs.

About her boobs, butt and nose implant controversies: Nicki Minaj has totally changed compared when she was starting her first debut; as this leads many people suspect that she has had several plastic surgery procedures to enhance her look.

If we are comparing her old photos and the most recent one, it is obvious that she had a boob job. In some photos, Nicki new breast appears much bigger and fuller than before; it indicates that she is possibly having breast implants.

In addition to breast implants, it has to be mentioned that she was also having butt implants. If we are observing the before and after plastic surgery, it is obvious that she was having a smaller backside and the new butt appears much bigger and tighter than it used to be.

Furthermore, the new rumor said that she was also having a nose job (rhinoplasty). Responded to the rumor, Nicki Minaj denied that she had any procedures on her face, and disclosed that it’s just a makeup.

Products and endorsements
Minaj has been affiliated with several manufacturing companies and has endorsed a number of products during her career. Her first collaboration was a November 2010 endorsement deal with MAC Cosmetics which sold a lipstick, “Pink 4 Friday”, for four consecutive Fridays to promote her album Pink Friday.
In 2011, Minaj helped introduce the Casio TRYX in Times Square, and created a six-piece nail polish collection for OPI Products with colors named after her songs.That December, Mattel produced a custom-made, Minaj-themed Barbie doll valued at about $15,000 for auction on charitybuzz.

In April 2012, Minaj helped launch the Nokia Lumia 900 in Times Square. The following month, Minaj appeared in television and internet advertisements for Pepsi’s “LiveForNow” campaign, which featured a remix of her single “Moment 4 Life”.
She endorsed the 2012 Viva Glam campaign with Ricky Martin, which raised $270 million for the Mac AIDS Fund.With designer Jeremy Scott, Minaj signed an endorsement deal with Adidas’ fall and winter 2012 campaign to appear in internet advertisements and commercials for Adidas Originals. Set to her song, “Masquerade”, her segment of the advertisement was filmed in Brooklyn and also featured Big Sean, Derrick Rose, Sky Ferreira and 2NE1 in other locations worldwide.
Early 2013, Minaj fronted the Viva Glam campaign by herself, which included the introduction of “Nicki 2 lipstick and lip gloss”. She also introduced the “Nicki Minaj Collection” clothing line for Kmart, composed of clothing, accessories and housewares.

In February 2013, Bluewater Comics announced that Minaj would star in the Fame biographical-comic series, debuting in Fame: Nicki Minaj. She partnered with Beats Electronics to introduce her “Pink Pill” speakers in April 2013, appearing with DeRay Davis in a commercial for the speakers that same month. In June 2013, Minaj lead an ad campaign for Myx Fusions, a moscato beverage of which she is a part owner.
Minaj has a prominent fragrance line, which was launched in September 2012. She partnered with ‘Give Back Brands’ to introduce her first fragrance, Pink Friday. A “Pink Friday: Special Edition” was released in April 2013. A deluxe edition version of the fragrance, titled “Pink Friday: Deluxe Edition”, was also launched in December 2013.

Her second fragrance line, Minajesty, was launched in September 2013. A flanker fragrance, “Minajesty: Exotic Edition”, was released exclusively to the Home Shopping Network in June 2014. This was followed by the launch of her third fragrance line, “Onika”, in September 2014.
In December 2014, Minaj was announced as the new face of the Roberto Cavalli spring/summer 2015 campaign. The campaign images, shot in LA by Italian photographer Francesco Carrozzini, see Minaj posing in flowy bohemian dresses, defined by embroideries and animal prints typical of the Cavalli brand.
On March 30, 2015, it was announced that Minaj is a co-owner of the music streaming service Tidal. The service specializes in lossless audio and high definition music videos. In addition to Minaj and company owner Jay Z, sixteen stakeholders including Beyoncé, Madonna, Rihanna and Kanye West own a 3% equity stake in the service.

Culled from Vangaurd  Newspaper online



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