Saturday, 4 July 2015

Fresh Investigations Unravel Those Behind $182 million Balliburton bribery scandal reports that following the current investigations launched into the $182 million Halliburton bribery scandal, it has been revealed that the $26.5 million plea bargain money paid by a construction giant in the country is missing.
It was gathered that security checks revealed during the week that the money was never paid into any Federal Government account.

A security source told us that the money paid by the construction company in order to escape prosecution for its culpability in the bribery scandal was traced to three prominent Nigerians, who he however declined to name the three Nigerians who shared the money, saying that “it is a sensitive matter that will be made known at the appropriate time.”

The source also noted that the money was discovered missing after the new team investigating the case swung into action, adding that the former investigating team, headed by retired AIG Ali Ahmodu, which visited the United States four years ago to get evidence, was rebuffed by the US government.

According to the discovery, the payment of the plea bargain money was said to have been facilitated by a former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the construction company.

The source says that a former presidential aide was used as a scapegoat to allow the actual culprits to escape justice.

The United States government had formally informed President Muhammadu Buhari of the over $142 million fallout of the bribery scandal still in its hands insisting that until all involved in the scandal are prosecuted, the money would not be released to Nigeria, because Halliburton is based in the United States.

However, the source said that the US government gave names of those to be investigated for the scandal, stressing that the chairman of an oil company was alleged to have collected $2.5 million as part payment from Halliburton.

The US president, Barack Obama, learnt, shall discuss the issue with President Buhari when the latter visits the US on July 20.

The scandal, under discussion, involved bribes given by Halliburton for the construction of the final phase of the multibillion dollar Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) project.



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