Saturday, 4 July 2015

Court Dissolves 13 year old Marriage As Wife Starves Husban Sex reports that an Ibadan, Oyo State based court, has dissolved a 13 year old marriage between one Ganiu Aremu and his wife, Omolola as a result of how his wife starved him of sex.
Mr. Henric Agbaje, the President of a Mapo customary court in his judgement, said that he was convinced from what he saw of the couple loved had ceased to exist between them, and ordered Omolola to take custody of the 10-year-old child between the couple.

His words: “In addition, Aremu shall pay a monthly feeding allowance of N10, 000 for the welfare of the son and shall not falter in his responsibility for his school fees. In the interest of peaceful co-existence, Omolola shall produce the child in the court anytime Aremu wants to see him.

Earlier narrating his ordeal, Aremu told the court that his wife had for over a year sexually starved him in addition to her extreme cruelty to him.

“My wife is unrepentantly cruel; inflicting physical and emotional harm on me and my relatives who have the misfortune of living with me. Aside from that, she is extremely hostile to me and other members of my extended family. For instance, she does not want to see my mother. She always calls her a witch.

“If any of my friends from either far or near comes visiting without her approval, Omolola will turn them away or fight them.
“Sometimes, she locks up some of my people in the house, thus, preventing them from going for their legitimate businesses.

“As if those are not enough, Omolola fragrantly disobeys my simple rules and instructions that will enable harmonious living at home.
“Worse still, Omolola has ensured complete emotional detachment from me as her husband including denial of conjugal rights,” Aremu explained.
In her argument, Omolola, however, debunked the claims made by Aremu, describing them as lies.

However, the woman vowed never to collect anything from him for the upkeep of the child stressing that “Since Aremu has chosen to abandon me and the child, we don’t need anything from him, my God is able to cater for us.”



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