Thursday, 18 June 2015

Why I slept with Your Husband---Sister's husband sexiology pleads

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A man reportedly returns from work at night and headed straightly to the bedroom with intent to make love with his wife.
(Well is not true story but is meant to teach you some lessons)

After the act, he dashed-out to the kitchen to fetch himself a bottle of cold drink only to find his wife there looking for something in the fridge.
He asked his wife how she quickly made it to the kitchen when they’ve just finished making love.

She shockingly answered: “Haaa!!! That was my twin sister who just returned from school and decided to rest in the bedroom while I went to find her some chilled drinks because she was so tired…”

The wife quickly ran to her twin sister and asked her why she didn’t say something when her husband descended on her.

Twin sister replied: “you know your husband and I are not in talking terms. So I didn’t want to be the one to talk to him first!”
What would you do if you’re the man’s wife?



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