Wednesday, 3 June 2015

See How Red Cross Societies, Toronto Hospitals, others Save Lives of Many Onitsha Tanker Fire Disaster

Image result for pictures of victims of onitsha tanker fire disaster

The timely arrival of members of the Nigerian Red Cross and the dedication of staff and management of Toronto Hospital, Onitsha saves the lives of many victims from being killed in the gasoline tanker accident in Onitsha on Sunday.

The medical Director of Toronto Hospital Onitsha, who opened up on his experience to this report on that fateful day stated that it was a very hectic moment for the staff and management of the hospital who ran helta- skelter to ensure that no further life were lost owing to high degree of burns sustained by victims in the inferno.

Dr. Eze observed that most of the corpses brought to the hospital were burnt beyond recognition. While a bereaved family was able to recognise the remains of their beloved ones from the ornaments the man was wearing before the unfortunate incident.

Another victim, according to the hospital boss was a pathetic sight of a woman and her child who were burnt beyond recognition. The victim was said to have been recognised because the child was sighted beside her late mother. Both of them were said to have been burnt with their charred remains.   

The Vice Chairman, Anambra State   Branch of he Nigeria Red Cross, Prof. Peter Katchy observed that it was the timely arrival of the Red Cross members that assisted in the rescue effort of victims and called on the State Government to donate three Hilux Buses to make their work more efficient.



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