Friday, 19 June 2015

Restriction of Okada, Keke Operators is Sacrosanct as Governor Obiano Lifts Anambra Higher---Dr. Uju Nwogu

 Dr. Uju Nwogu is the Anambra State Commissioner for Information, Tourism and Culture. She recently took over the mantle of leadership from Tony Onyima, who was fired about three weeks ago. 

In a recent chat with our publisher and [post_ad] web-designer, Comrade Okechukwu Onuegbu at her office, she announced that the state government was determined to lifting the state cultural heritage and tourism to highest ebb with a view to attracting both local and international investors to the state.
The excerpts:
*For Record Purpose, Let’s Meet you ma?

I am Honourable Uju Nwogu. I am a lawyer; a lecturer at a University,
teaching law; I was also a member of senate at a University. I was once a
chairperson of Anaocha Local Government Council; a researcher, and also a legal
adviser to various organizations, notably CWO Anaocha denary.

My Honourable Commissioner for Information, Culture and Tourism, how is your ministry contributing towards realization of Gov. Obiano’s numerous policies?

First of all you know this ministry comprises of three arms. We have
information, culture and tourism. In information sector, we communicate to people what the state government is doing. You know the state government is doing a lot. You know Willie is Working. He is really working and he will continue to work. So we thank him a lot for the good works he is doing in the state. We will
continue to support him because he has the interest of Ndi-Anambra at
heart having distinguished himself at all sectors of our economy under the four wheel of his administration’s key enablers, Agriculture, security, Infrastructural, Oil and gas, Industrialization, even in road construction at both rural and urban areas. We are happy because things are truly taking good shapes in Anambra State.

I will on my own part ensure that the mission and vision of Dr. Willie Obiano
for ndi-Anmabra is achieved in making Anambra State the first choice of local and international destination for foreign and local investors to thrive, wealth creation, good governance, security of lives and properties the populace are yearning for. He has put adequate security in place, no hoodlums again at anywhere in the state. I am proud to tell the world that Chief Willie Obiano is embarking on different developmental projects for their goods. He has attracted several investments on agriculture such as Coscharis farm Ltd, US, Uk, Etc., to invest in the state.

Obiano is truly an Igbo leader, if you look at workers’ welfare, he pays salaries as at when due. In fact he pays before 25th of every month. You know the workers’ salaries have been increased. So we are happy to partner with Governor Obiano in Anambra developmental projects.

*What policies has your ministry in the State Culture and Tourism Sectors?

Governor Obiano is not only interested in harnessing the culture, but also conducting competition that will promote culture. The other time, we organized Cultural fiesta, student cultural fiesta and so on that has really uplifted our culture in the state. Recently, I went to a secondary school that invited us for their cultural day.

We have been conducting workshops on tourism in the state. We are planning to establish federal tourist centre, as the economy of the country is going down so that the federal government and others will patronize us. As am talking to you know, we are developing Ogbunike Cave. And Rojenny tourist village have been designed with so many tourists attractions including the recently installed tartan tracks for athletics. These are part of what our dear governor is doing to attract people all over the world to the state.

*Anambra State Government seemed to be lacking behind on online journalism, what is your ministry doing to register strong presence in the industry?
How do you mean? We disseminate information both online and through public media. What you asked is not true.

*Alright! The State Government through Your Ministry, recently restricted Okada and Keke riders from plying major roads in the state yet the people involved are seen making headways on the said roads. What is the government doing to enforce the restrictions order or has it rescinded its decision?
The restriction policy is still on. We are using the police and other security agencies such as ATMA, Civil Defence, and others to enforce people compliance. Although it may encounter difficulty now, everything would be normalized as we progresses. It is a gradual process; soon they will understand and comply. The enforcement officers can’t be everywhere at same time. Besides, those still violating the law are not Anambrarians. They are people from other states.

The restriction of Okada is for the benefits of Ndi-Anambra. Imagine many
accident victims at our various hospitals were as results of okada
and keke activities on the highways. That is why the government decided to restrict them. Remember it is not even outright ban as other states like Enugu, Ebonyi,
Delta and others that did yet people are complaining.
*A lot of projects executed by the previous administration of Mr. Peter Obi including the controversial Nkpo Roads are currently been re-commissioned by this administration, what are the causes?

It is not true. None of the projects commissioned by governor Obiano is been commissioned by Governor Obiano...

*On revenue generation, what are the level of compliance of people to tax payment including those APLUC usually seal their properties?

You know that people are very difficult to convince on payment of tax and levies. But we are trying our best to inculcating the habits on them. All those things are the means of generating funds for the State Government. Anambra Property Land Use Commission, APLUC, is doing it own in that regard. This ministry is also trying its best through constant advertisements and jingles via ABS radio and television calling on those affected to go and pay. We even go further to let them know that it is with the revenue that the state government works.



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