Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Oderaigbo Blames President Buhari/FG on Onitsha Tanker Death

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My Governor Duke Wille Obiano
I greet you from the bottom of my heart and one tualee for you on that good deed at ICHIDA between your security details and the 3 cripples.

Moving on Sir ,i read online where they said that President Buhari sent you a Condolence message on the death at ONUICHA .i do not know if he sent emissaries to deliver the condolence or he just sent it .
Sir to be frank with you ,its time for you to take a stand and lift your hand to be helped or use DR CHRIS NGIGE STYLE cry and cry na Federal Government egbue gi oooooooooooo .
That road is a Federal death trap ,i plead that you send back message to the President that the cause of the death is on the neck of the Federal Government ,let them know that since they caused the death by leaving a death trap EXPRESS ROAD in our state that they will bear the cost of burying the death and compensating the families.
My old man will say “ekwughi ekwu melu onu” [The mouth is guilty when it failed to speak out] .
Moving on ,,,, Your Social media clowns have started again by throwing cheap lies that will make you lose face they said you went to the TANKER EXPLOSION site and wept ,but i asked them a simply question WHERE IS THE PICTURE ? .
if truly you went there and wept or did not weep and your Media did not capture such a moment ,then i will beg you to permit me to come to OKA with Utali and flog some sense into them . Like me or not ,i always tell a bitter truth ,such moment even though it is mourning period, but it is also a very good PR period ,nothing sales a candidate than showing a passionate heart and identifying with people in times of crisis .Though you were in America when we had Flood disaster in the state ,the Governor then Sir Peter Obi waded into water and joined the rescue mission ,that alone moved many people into loving him because they know he should,ve stayed at home and give instruction but romping into dirt waters forced all his aides and security details to join him and imagine by standers ,they all waded into the flood for a good rescue mission.
Sir ,your Social Media team needs some re-training to be able to meet this task ,they may be good on smaller scale but this is Governor we are talking about and why i keep crying is what you will get from APC in next election, they will eat your media team like isi ewu and gulp the down with one chilled bottle of GULDER as they hate HERO BEER with passion , because they are brutal ,they look for loop holes and when there is none they create one.
Sir ,they are getting ready by the way ,let me also informed you that my IDENNA DR CHRIS NGIGE is amassing serious wealth to give you run for your re- election. Take for instance the money Chief Arthur Eze gave him to deliver to Buhari during campaign forward ,Prince Arthur thought that the message was delivered until he went to congratulate Buhari on his winning as the president ,it was so unfortunate that he went with Dr Ngige and in presence of Ngige he asked President Buhari if he got the money he gave to Ngige for his campaign and the President was aghast and ask what ? which money ? what time ?
Well all eyes were set on Ngige to provide the answers ,and i am sure they are still waiting for some answers ,i know that GMB will not take such slight lightly and it may affect some appointments that we all hoped for, meaning when such happens ,then more concentration will be paid on contesting for the 4th time as the Governor of my state .
My Governor ,once again i will like to delve into that Banning of OKADA and KEKE in ANAMBRA STATE ,some of this less thinking people will argue that it is for specific roads ,but let me make my case as simple as i can..
Most of those EXPRESS ROADS cut many Towns in half ,some are living on the right and others on the left some need to ride their own bike for half a mile on the SACRED EXPRESS WAY, from one side to cross over the other side.
Now,imagine what the police will do if they catch a man with his Okada going home from his maternal home or taking the wife to hospital in the other side of the town or his sick child who needs an immediate Doctors touch ,but across the express way or coming back from his farm at the other sude of the DIVIDE !!.I can tell you ,the Police will pursue them the way AMERICAN POLICE pursue Armed Robbers and in the process will drive them under a moving Trailer or inside a gutter or gully or to untimely death ,but if they miss any of that by whiskers ,they will arrest them and the Okada and set the bail for the person and another for the Okada.
The Government will not see kobo from the bail money or even smell the saint of the bribe that will be paid on the spot settlement.
How about those police and other enforcers that will move into the roads that was,nt mentioned at arrest poor Okada or private Motorbike owners ? who will rescue them or tell them that it wasn’t what the Governor had in mind ?
Sir,this will have ripple effect and i cross my heart to tell you that it will bring more sorrows than rescue because it will drive many unto death, many into misery ,many into mourning and at the end of the day you will get more hatred than love from the people.
Why i am saying this is because of the attitude and culture of our law enforcers ,they will pursue this Okada people like Robbers and the poor riders will try very much to escape and 75% of such pursuit will end in disaster and the enforcer ,once it happened they will all disappear or close for the day or move to another location to look for another person to send to untimely death.
Unless you will import enforcers from USA,Isreal or Britain to take over the task but if it is the ones in Nigeria ,take it from me ,they are disasters and a disaster in making is what we are introducing .
Sir,after the meeting you held with LOCAL GOVERNMENT CHAIRMEN on children,s day where you told them to exploit avenue of raising the state IGR to enable the state meet up with Financial obligations .
Starting from this JUNE all the levies in the states has been increased with over 50% including ASWAMA ,SHOP PERMIT,LIQUOR LICENSE ,HAWKING PERMIT,OKADA PERMIT,TENEMENT RATE E.T.C .
Sir,i have it on good record that they are planning on increasing it to 100% by December to start implementation of the 100% by January .It is another bad move if you ask me ,sure we wants to raise the IGR but it will kill the poor masses If this increment is allowed to thrive .
As much as the state should be cultured in Tax paying ,i pray that you start it with pennies and pound ,so that it will become part of us and gradually on yearly basis it can be increased bit by bits ,but if you rain down of them this hard ,i will tell you as usual with my usual frankness that even your people from the North will vote against you in coming election .
In conclusion ,i am doing you this free service because i will add them to the ones i did during campaign and you are still owing me ,i want you to succeed as a Governor and i do not want you to end up as one term Governor and believe me when i say this because i do this from the heart i am not doing it to please anybody or gain financial dividends from you . I am not looking for envelopes or job or anything but for a good governance and to see you do well and come back a second time .
Most of those ass kissers that are calling you AKPOKUE GLOBAL and all those stuff ,it is time you tell them to get a life . Leading Anambra state is a serious business and i am doing my job making sure that you see the land mines that littered all the fields ,so if you fail ,it wont be as a result that you did,nt know and with that i am off but on .
Yours sincerely on Tuesday
Mazi Odera
Truth is our standard,accept it in good faith or
we shove it down your throat.The Choice is yours.
I am off but on



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