Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Market Security Arrests Suspected Kidnapper at Onitsha


The Millennium Merchant Line, Sokoto Road Market, Onitsha, the commercial nerve of Anambra State recently made news as security agents at the street arrested a middle-aged man, Mr. Ambrose Amaechi for allegedly abducting a twelve year old school girl from Enugu to Onitsha, Anambra State.

The suspect, who said he resides at Onitsha Military Cantonment and works under a man popularly known as God Father, was arrested at  Main Market when he was trying to buy a new skirt for the teenager so that she would change to new attire as it was suspicious for her to remain in her school uniform.

The incident which drew the attention of the entire market and the adjoining Onitsha Main Market Traders, however, disrupted business activities for about one hour before the Chairman, Chief Valentine Ezechukwu, the Secretary, Mr. Igboamaeze and other members of the executives ordered the traders to commence with their businesses.

Nigerian Mail reliably gathered that suspicion arose when the suspect took the girl who was identified as Miss Charity Okoh to purchase a new skirt for her, and the teenager undressed at the centre of the market exposing her private part.

Understudying her strange behavior, the traders thought the girl might have been induced by drugs, and as a result alerted the chairman of the market, Chief Valentine Ezechukwu and his Secretary, Mr. Ikenna Igboamaeze to the scene.

However, before the arrival of the market officials, security operatives at the area took the suspect and the victim aside for interrogation, after which they told newsmen that the girl confessed that she was in her school uniform going to school in Enugu on Monday morning, 8th August when the suspect called on her and hung a necklace round her neck which immediately made her unconscious, and when she could no longer realize herself, they both boarded a vehicle to Onitsha.

The victim while speaking to the press, noted that she regained consciousness only when she removed the necklace hung around her neck while attempting to change to a new skirt bought for her by the suspect.

Meanwhile, the suspect, Amaechi and the victim, Miss Charity Okoh have been handed over to the Department of Security Service (DSS) for further investigations.



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