Thursday, 11 June 2015

Gov. Obiano's Financial Policy Endangers Anambra Economy

Open Letter To The Governor of Anambra State His Excellency Willie Obiano.
From Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia.

Yours Financial and Policy Behaviours endangers Anambra Economy :It is getting bad.

When the issue of drop on Oil price and reduction on State's revenue occurred , I wrote an article calling Anambra State government under your watch to come up with Survival Strategy that will produce Short and long term plans based on economic reality of the Nation. Did the state come with any plan to that ? No!
I called for adjustment on Financial behaviour of the governor . Did governor adjust his financial behaviour ? No!
Sir continue traveling with Chartered flight and most times, both Governor and wife uses two different Chartered flight same day to Abuja is not economically good for the state especially now.
Who pays the bills sir if not Anambra State? We must get thinking before it get so bad!
I called for ,Fund Retaining Strategy (FRS) within the State's Economic Territorial Circular Flow (TCF) in order to checkmate Capital Flight and create or sustain a economic activities of the state especially as we faces economic austerity reality .
Did the Government listen ? No!
The Government keep on applying Economic Hypocrisy model that saw them talk about getting private sectors into the state in theory , but work to kill them through their Public Policy Behaviour (PPB ). Going to India to buy TATA buses against locally made INNOSON buses still speaks .
Two days ago, Governor of My state moved the entire government machineries to Nkpor Junction to Commission Road Marks ! To Commission a mere marks on a Road awarded in 2008 and Completed in 2012 before you where elected even ? Is a bad deal to our economy .
You went there to Commission marked signs on the said road ? What is really happening ?
Road signs ?
My Governor , I learnt that you are doing such to make people believe that you are working , but let me advise you again Sir : Stop unnecessary waste in the name of public show. You can save this economy , but not with this style.
Go back to the drawing board and seat out of crowd and praise singers ...You are losing it. The best is for you to keep off this Public Show , go into private thinking and strategize on how to navigates our political Economy at this point in time .
The State is even Lucky that you are not handed over debt like other states , if not by now Osun State would have been a child's play .
A time for thinking is NOW!
The fun fare you generated for Commissioning a mere Road Signs was a bad style sir. You Dont even need to Commission a mere road signs !
The money wasted on mobilizing for Commissioning of that road signs can fix Ugwu Mgbala road in my Village of Nise. So Sir , I am concerned about the implication .
Sir , Your entourage calls for reduction in number . In an era of Economic Austerity , a government under such, should work on reducing the expenditure especially on non essential issues.
Sir, you Dont need all the Vehicles in the name of Entourage of the Governor! It constitutes waste !
Now is not a time for that.
Your wife : who is funding the entourage of the Wife of the governor ? The state government of course !
The entourage represents waste sir. Adjust sir.
SSAs,SAs,PAs and Commissioners :
Sir , you are holding a record as a state governor with the highest number of aides in Nigeria as a Governor today ! All these constitutes waste and poor results .
In an era whereby Governor El-Rufai of Kaduna state merged some ministries from 23 to 13 ministries in order to save cost and produce better results.
For example , what is a State doing with Four aides on Political Matters ?
1- Chinedu Obidigwe =SSA political Matters to the governor.
2-Owelle Mbazo = SA political matters to the governor .
3-Ikechukwu Ejesieme = SA political Matters to the governor .
And the fourth person.
Imagine the waste sir ?
U Dont need such!
In the Youth Ministry : you have a Commissioner and also two other SSAs on Youth.
In Education , you have a Commissioner for education and also about three other persons as your SSAs, SA on education .
And it is almost like that in all the ministries !
Sir , it is a Waste without productivity !
Cut cost of running your government !
On money own the state by Federal government , Sir you need synergy with those that understand the politics involved .I made suggestion to this effect before .
I heard that Former Speaker was secretly sworn in yesterday as Commissioner while the Son retain his SA to the governor ? I just hope is not true . If it is true , she is one person that her careless behaviour will send you to EFCC as a Commissioner . Watch it .
Plotting to take Deputy Speaker to your zone is also a Danger to Triangular Political Equilibrium (TPE) of Anambra Political Trinity of three Senatorial Zones .
Dont allow them deceive you again ...they are hawkers and when they mess you up , they will leave you ...Pray for Wisdom !
Speaker goes to South. Deputy goes Central , while majority Leader goes North.
It is unwritten sharing mechanism .Attempt to alter it is attempt to create issues .
I will not sing Willie is Working slogan for you , but I will be happy if you get it right for a better Anambra.
God bless Anambra State.
Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia
Is from Nise , in Anambra State.



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