Saturday, 6 June 2015

Do You Know When to Have Sex? Find out from this girl


Sexy and busty Enitan Odugbemi is a Yoruba actress who is gradually making a name for herself in the movie industry.
The role interpreter who loves to be called Gallant Enny has featured in films like Alayaki, Ayo Igbehin, among others.
When Potpourri asked her what her opinions were concerning failed celebrity marriages, she had this to say:”I don’t want to talk about it because I am not married yet, I don’t want to criticise anyone.”
But Enitan isn’t afraid to flaunt her curves and she believes it’s what sets her apart from others.”Yes being curvy has been a blessing to my career. People recognise me easily because of my stature.
I thank God that I am big,bold and beautiful” Commenting on what her opinion is about sex before marriage,the movie producer who is about to release her movie, Rado Lomo,had this to say: “Sex is a normal thing that should be happening between two lovers, so to me ,Sex is sweet when you are with someone you love”.




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