Friday, 5 June 2015

David Mark, Ekweremadu, Deprived of their Vehicles After Valedictory Session

Image result for photos of mark and ekweremadu 
As 8th Assembly comes to end, the outgoing Senate President, David Mark, and his deputy, Ike Ekweremadu, yesterday, did not drive back to their homes with the usual convoy of exotic vehicles after the valedictory session.

The vehicles, reliably gathered, were parked at the parking spaces allocated to the offices of the principal officers as of 7.05pm while Mark and Ekweremadu were driven away in their personal vehicles without siren.
There are five vehicles each in the convoy of the two principal officers. They included two principal vehicles, two security vehicles, two pilot pick up vans and two power motorbikes each.
A clerk attached to a senate committee, told our correspondent on condition of anonymity, that the it was normal for the principal officers to drop the fleet of vehicles and power motorcycles in their possession since their tenure had ended with the valedictory session held on Thursday.
He said, “The vehicles are property of the National Assembly and the Clerk of the National Assembly, being the chief accounting officer, would account for all the vehicles, hence the man waited after the session to take possession of the vehicles.”



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