Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Catholic Bishop Urges Nigeria’s Religious Leaders to Shun Hate Prophesy


----Adds there are no more true prophesies
The Catholic Bishop of Awka Diocese in Anambra State, His Lordship, Most Rev. Paulinus Ezeokafor has admonished Nigeria’s religious leaders to shun hate prophesies in future elections in the country.

News48hrs.com recalled that the 2015 general election was characterised with hate messages, sermons and prophesies from various quarters, especially the Christendom.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with our reporter at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Awka, Bishop Ezeokafor stressed that; “In the scripture, we had prophesy. But what we have in the world today are fake. I don’t believe in hate prophesy. Nobody can reveal tomorrow except God. If people can reveal the future, life wouldn’t have been as it is now. They speculate, they guess, and sometimes God allow such to happen, and they claim to have earlier predicted it. It is a lie.”

He added: “If indeed those pastors and prophets knew the actual winners, people would not have campaigned. They would have waited for INEC to announce them as winners rather to waste time and resources campaigning…I want to let you know that the winners won because they actually campaigned, while the losers lost for not campaigning well”.

While responding on necessity of religious leaders in an election, the prelate said that, “Religion moulds people’s conscience. Nowhere one can remove religion from politics. That is why some call it religious politics. But is not religious politics, rather it is called voting according to your conscience. The basis for voting or endorsing a candidate for any election should be of the persons (contestants) ability to lead and uprightness.

“We the religious leaders know them better. We study people; to know their antecedents, past and present and what they could offer if voted into power before we can recommend or endorse them to the Masses. But that has nothing to do with religion or denomination you belong to. If you’re a Christian, be a good Christian. If you’re a muslim, be a good muslim. Good character or good behaviour has nothing to do with individual integrity. The outmost target is your ability or willingness to perform”, he emphasised.

He equally noted that thought remains the conscience of people, while what informed individual’s conscience often inspire them to take rightful decision, stressing further that in the case of elections; the bible, sermon, commandments and doctrines add in making politicians of Christian faithful to be good Christians, just as Islamic and other religious doctrines do to their faithful. Top of Form



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