Monday, 4 May 2015

Uproar: Man Attacks Lawyer in a Court

Man on trial for attacking lawyer attacks lawyer in court
The trial of a man charged with knocking out his lawyer in a jail meeting room was delayed after he attacked his new lawyer in court.
Aaron W. Jabot, 34, was on trial on a felony assault charge after attacking his lawyer, Garfield Raymond, when he visited his client at Washington County Jail in 2014.

But Jabot was taken straight back to jail and his trial was delayed after he attacked his new lawyer, Fred Rench, in front of around a dozen witnesses during a break in testimony at Warren County Court. Rench was discussing an issue with Jabot at the defence table when he suddenly grabbed him and began hitting him.

‘That’s all he’s got?’ Rench later said.
‘250lbs, that’s it? I wish he’d given me a couple of more seconds.’
Despite the attack, Rench said he would not press charges and would continue to defend Jabot.
Jabot’s original jail term, when he attacked Garfield Raymond, was for violating parole in a 2007 attempted robbery and allegedly stabbing two people.
‘He’s an ill man with a lot of issues,’ said Rench.



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