Friday, 22 May 2015

Senate-Elect Lambasts Nigerian Leaders, Says They Are Arrow Head of Nigeria's Problem

Our Reporters

The Senator-Elect of Bayelsa east senatorial district and CEO Silverbird group, Sen Ben Bruce has indicted the leadership of the nigeria as the sole problem befalling her.
Sen Bruce in his speech during the silverbird man of the year award clearly stated that the problem faced by Nigeria was not ethnic religious or political enclined but basically a problem of right versus wrong.

He further clarified that the north was not agitating for a religious cause or the south for maginalization as widely belived but that the entire nation was in deep crisis because a particular section of the nation deliberately embezzle the entire resources meant  for the development of the nation and its populace
He said “nigeria’s problem is not about the north versus the south or Christianity versus muslim or about pdp versus apc, the problem of Nigeria is about right versus wrong.”
“the issue is very simple, we have a small minority of people-the leadership of Nigeria consuming consuming all the resources of our nation and leaving the rest of us in abject poverty- that can not work.” He declared
Sen bruce further advised that Nigerian leaders should be humble enough to conserve the resources of the nation so that poor masses could have food to eat, go to school, have access to good health care facilities and jobs for every youthin the nation.
The senator noted that over 70 million young Nigerians go hungry every day due to lack of proper management of the nations resources yet the leaders get infuriated  when they are robbed or harmed
He called for the unanimous growth of every citizen of nigeria and for the leaders to curb their exorbitant lifestyle and learn to lead by example and not seek public office to become lords over people who voted them into power .
The visibly indignant senator elect warned that leaders of the nation should desist from embarking on expensive trips abroad at the detriment of of the nation and its citizens as the resources spent on such superfluous trips could be channeled to the development of the nation as he  emphasized that if the current routine should persist the nation was bound to face serious challenges in the nearest future.
“the crisis we have is a class warfare and if we don’t control our consumption behaviours this young kids will not be able to read and write but they will know how to make guns, granades, bombs etc so when they get hungry and angry you become the victim, you will never have enough money to run and hide, you will be caught and you will die.” He declared. 



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