Friday, 1 May 2015

Rivers Guber: Who Shall Swear-In Wike as Governor?

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Nigerians like to stretch their minds unnecessarily and in the process make a mountain out of a molehill. This matter, the absence of who swears in the next governor in Rivers state, has been harped upon by anyone that seeks recognition and has a noise to make. In all, the rants are ados about absolute nothing.

Most sentiments expressed below are germane, especially the sentiments that condemn the NJC's corrupt, unprofessional, and incompetent meddling into the appointment of Rivers state's Chief Judge (CJ). NJC's suspension of Justice Agumagu for accepting his appointment as CJ of Rivers is the most vile abuse of constitutionality in Nigeria since the inception of this constitution. Governor Chibuike Amaechi is never to be faulted for whatever legal quagmires exist in Rivers state today, the NJC and Nigeria's incompetent and hysterical former Chief Justice, Murktar Aloma (I hope that's the name of the last female CJ) is squarely to blame here, for they exceeded their constitutional authority in both mandating a particular candidate on the governor and in rejecting and suspending the governor's choice.
The above notwithstanding, the solution for who swears in governor-elect Nyesom Wike on May 29, 2015, in light of the absence of legal officers assigned with that role in Rivers state, is readily provided in the constitution. Section 185(2) speaks of that clearly:
The Oath of Allegiance and the oath of office shall be administered by the Chief Judge of the State or Grand Kadi of the Sharia Court of Appeal of the State, if any or President of the Customary Court of Appeal of the State, if any, or the person for the time being respectively appointed to exercise the functions of any of those offices in any State.
I have no idea why seasoned lawyers chose to ignore the last clause in that subsection (or the person for the time being respectively appointed to exercise the functions of any of those offices in any State). In simple English, on May 29, 2015, Anambara state shall not be swearing in a new governor and that frees any of the officers mentioned in 185(2) to be seconded to Rivers state for governor-elect Wike's swearing in. The operatives words are, "in any state", that's what the constitution says and I have no idea why people failed to see or to understand it.
Abeg make we go to the next chapter; this problem has been solved.

By Nebukadineze Adiele



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