Saturday, 9 May 2015

Princess Adeshina Defends Brother, Says John Fashanu's Divorced-Wife is Troublesome

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Princess Adeshina, John Fashanu’s sister who said she and Abigail ended up in Garki Police station when she led 10 attackers to her brother’s house also spoke to Saturday Sun. Excerpts:
You called your brother to say his wife led some attackers to the house. How did it happen?
We have been aware of her violent attacks. But as a family, we decided to try to make things work out. My brother was away in Columbia like he told you when she came to the house with men, four in police uniform, four other men in plain clothes and two other women. For us in the Fashanu family, we really wanted her to work things out with our brother. In fact, she even insulted some of the elders in our family, who tried to intervene. And this is unheard of in Yoruba land. I dare her to try what she did with my brother with an Igbo man, her age and see if she would have found it easy. We thought that if she really loved our brother, she didn’t need to stay away from him for so long and now come around to attack him. So the attack occurred during the last world cup.

What really led to the attack?
As I said, she led four men dressed in po­lice uniforms, another four young men and two other women to the house. They beat up our fe­male domestic staff who she claims she caught sleeping with my brother. They stripped her so they could flog her. According to her (Abigail), she came to the house when a friend of hers called to say that two women were exchang­ing documents in order to sell this house. For goodness sake, it is not possible to sell a house just like that. And once she got here all hell was let loose.



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